can you learn something while you're sleeping?

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Gordon Gekko, Oct 23, 2003.

  1. yesterday i fell asleep with the tv on fox news. i woke up in the middle of the night as bill o'reilly was discussing "under god" and the pledge of allegiance. this is something i'm interested in and would want to watch. i'm wondering if my brain was aware of what was going on and woke me up. i know it could just be a coincidence.

    has anyone ever heard of sleeping with some audio book playing or something????? i wouldn't claim it would be as good as learning while awake, but maybe there could be some degree of learning??

    anyone who tells me it's absolutely not possible, i doubt you can say that with certainty. we still don't totally understand the brain or sleep.
  2. Try learning something while you're awake first:D

    Actually, I would contend that if you learned a single thing from sleeping then you should never wake up. Try putting on a trading seminar DVD and taking a nap. Then maybe you could cut down on the drunken "I'm a shitty trader" rampages.
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    You can also say this about GOD....why do you accept certain unknown things yet others you think you know with're contradicting yourself......

    Do you remember your dreams?? I for one only remember my nightmares...peace
  4. this is my position:
  5. ....on all 4's biting the pillow is your normal position:D
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    So why call believers idiotic every chance you make no sense.....dont back peddle we know exactly what ur belief's've only told us a trillion times.....or has ur position changed???

    you want people to think outside the box ( from yet another one of ur threads )... .....I think prozac may help??? :D

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    we've been through this already.

    farm animals basically live the same lives as holocaust victims. do you have no issues with that? these animals have feelings, too.


    I have no idea what his beliefs are but i just love how he respects the animals but craps all over people for their religious beliefs.....