Can you help me with this leading indicator of the economy?

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    The average hours worked per week by production workers in manufacturing industries tend to lead the business cycle and is a good example of a leading indicator.

    Question 1 But where do I get this data ?

    Question 2 - Is it this ? If it is this then should I assume it’s a total line 5 and 6 ( Manufacturing hours and overtime )

    Question 3 – Can I get a link to historical data for this indicator ? As far as back as possible ?

    Question 4 –Can I get a link to data for India and other countries as well because employers usually adjust work hours before increasing or decreasing their workforce.
  2. You should look at the employment situation summary from the bureau of labor statistics. The report comes out along with non-farm employment report so the next one will be out on May 8.
  3. Take a look at “Help wanted advertising Index” (where 1987 = 100) .Its better “lead” then ave hours per week. BTW , its at all time low at 12 now. I would also watch cost of TV ad’s. IOW , the day that shamwow freak will stop appearing on TV so often ( ad’s time is cheap) , recovery is near
    Good luck funding free data
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