can you have a full auto glock 26

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by morganist, Jan 8, 2010.

  1. can you have a full auto glock 26
  2. short answer, no.

    One of these?
    Hate to ask the obvious question, but why the heck would you want one?

    It would be utterly uncontrollable at full auto, even were it possible, in any sort of firefight, you would be gunned down before you hit a target, or changed magazines.

    Hey, if you want a machinepistol, I'm sure there are better forums, assuming state/country legality etc.
  4. Some states within the US allow private citizens to possess full auto weapons, but you also need to register the weapons with the federal government and pay a $200 transfer tax. Also the full automatic weapon needs to have been made before 1987, when congress pass a law banning new machine guns from being "fully transferable" to persons without class III dealer licenses...or law enforcement agencies. I think there were a very few Glock model 18 machine pistols that might be full transferable, but they are so rare that the cost would be tens of thousands of dollars. I doubt that there are any model 26s that would be considered fully transferable and able to be owned by civilians.

    Watch for further Supreme court rulings on the second amendment in the coming years to see if things change.