Can you guys recommend a Forex Broker ?

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  1. kevinqc



    Those who are trading forex please recommend a good broker ?

    I have heard some horror stories when it comes to forex.

  2. froluis


    IB/OANDA/Dukascopy/MB or u can use a futures broker and trade FX through futures
  3. chalice


    you will always read horror stories, some are authentic, some come from other brokers, others from people who cannot trade and blame the broker for that.
    I trade with Forex-Metal, from my experience- good broker, worth giving a try. You can demo trade first because broker choice is very subjective, depends on yout trading style etc.
  4. bstay


    i use two brokers, and both have excellent charting software and client services. GFT recently launched their video series (similar to TradeStation Support videos) which are excellent for newbies and experienced.
    (both these brokers are not MT4-based)
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    Liteforex is a VERY good one, there defualt timeframe is 4hrs. yes the timeframe is slow , but is it good if your a swing trader..

    I would recommand

  7. Oanda and Clint Eastwood
  8. I'm a newbie with these Forex broker
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  10. Jerry030


    Any suggestions about FX brokers would be appreciated.

    CMSFX where I had my account folded. They tried to move my account to Gain, a bucket shop so I just closed it and am looking for a new broker.

    My constraint is that I do automated trading using external software. So the only thing I need or use is an API to get current prices and to manage trades. NO need for charting or any of the usual functions of a retail trading platform.
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