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    Hello I am new to the trading and I am trying to get as much knowledge as possible before jumping in. There seem to be so many website, program, books and iwas wondering what you guys/gals might recommend?

    I have attended a seminar from investools but am unsure as a lot of the info i learned there could be found on the internet it seems... Anyone have an recommendations on the best way to get started I would love to take a course but there courses are minimum 5K as high 24K.... thanks
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    Buy a few books first.
    Seminars only make money for the presenters
  3. I would not take the course. This business takes time to learn just like any other. You can't pay some 5k for 3 days and expect to be like them after that. No way. Consider paying for education, but pay as you go. Make them demonstrate they are solid.

    Also your question has been asked too many times to repeat all of this again. Use the search in the top right and start there.

    You haven't even told us what you what to trade or how. Futures, day trading, stocks, long term investing, etc?

    PS. Investools teaches things you can learn in books from what I have seen and heard. How to use MACD, stochs, etc. There are book you can buy on amazon for 50-100 USD that will teach you that. John Murphy, Martin Pring, and others will get you started.

    Very important get some book on trading psychology because that is most likely the biggest challenge you will have. Try Mark Douglas and Brett Steenbarger. Ari Kiev is supposed to be good too.l
  4. Hi, I am a new trader too, and the first book I read was An American Hedge Fund by Timothy Sykes. I like the book a lot, and I felt it was a good introduction to the world of trading.
  5. You're a moron, thats' what you are.

    I read the same book, and I felt it was a good introduction to the world of toilet paper.
  6. It helped out a beginner like myself, and that's all I know :D
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    Investor Flix is a great educational resource if you can live with the low quality videos and presentations in Open Office [why they can't just use real Office and do some processing on the videos to get the quality to a good standard I can't quite figure out], nonetheless a good place to be in...
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    thanks fr the info guys i figured i could find the info online and in books just need some good recomendations...
  9. That's because you wrote the book and are aliasing as a pretend newbie!!!

    At least one "person" thinks it is worthwhile... The rest of the world thinks Tim sucks wind.
  10. It is a high presure sales very expensive learing system that I have been doing for 2 months. I made 13 percent the first and 10 the next. Im very happy with that. The system works. It is just difficult to be patient and consistant but with pracite it works. I think there are a lot of get rich quick things out there but this is not one. I did think it was really cheezy the way I went to the big show to see Colan Powel and the presented it in the high presure way. And the extreamy overly hyped way that they taught the live class. One day of the class was just and advertise ment to get you to take the basic options class. Which I paid 5 grand for. Fells like its not worth it but the truth is... Im making money. I have 10 grand and made 1300 first month, paid off my Banna Repulic and quick trip charge. Im about to get a huge amount of money from a realestate deal, and I expect to make about 35 to 50 percent per year. I cant wait to buy my kid a car. So is it expensive yes. Do they over sell it? Yes, But I love it and want to sign up for the 20 grand everything.
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