can you get the Greeks online for free?

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  1. Yahoo options, Scottrade, etc., none of these places gives Greeks. They just give bid/ask, strike, and volume. I think actually seeing the Greeks would be helpful to me.

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    Sure you can Greeks for free. Just plug in the variables into an option pricing model...
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  6. greeks for free: Did you ask the pimps?
  7. thinkorswim platform shows greek values for options and they are updated when price changes. You can even stream them to excel and do some number crunching/recording if you would like to.
  8. Does anyone have experience with a good option strategy scanner/filter for stocks & futures (vertical & calendar spreads, iron condors/flys, short/long strangles/straddles, etc.)?

    For example, I would want to select certain criteria (i.e. debit/credit amt; Net increase/decrease in IV, Theta, and/or other greeks; etc.), then get a list of stock/future options that meet the given criteria.


  9. I understand that Think or Swim may have the scanning/filtering capabilities I need; however, I'm reluctant to use them because their rates are materially higher than IB.

    I know I can use them sparingly for a few transactions, while using IB for most of the transactions; but I don't think that is right...

  10. I'm sure it's something TOS is not worried about - after all, I'm sure they're aware of competitor rates. Feel free to use and abuse them as you see fit, if they have a problem, they'll change their policy:D My 2c.
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