Can you get "it" back?

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  1. I don't know how to state this precisely, but I'll try;

    When I started trading (at a prop shop), I set myself the goal to make some coin, prove myself I can do it! Become one of the best traders!

    Now that I've attained that goal some time ago, I kinda lost it. Not making nearly as much money as I used to. I think I lost interest and i am slacking off. I don't feel the same rush anymore to perform at the top of my ability.

    Point is I am really afraid that I won't get "it" back. Trading is just in every rational way the best thing I did and can do.

    Did you ever went through a phase like this and overcome it? I am thinking of Gabriella Sabatini (tennis) or Jan Ulrich (cycling).
  2. funky


    in life, i've found that whenever $$ is the ultimate driving goal, this always happens.

    good luck in getting 'it' back.

    p.s. 'it' should mean trading well, not making $$.
  3. Unfortunately, I have never experienced this.:mad:
  4. Good point. In that case I should quit trading and bum around, party every day.. That's where my real motivation lies at the moment :) Unfortunately, I don't think it will be a sustainable situation.. what do you think?
  5. I wish I had your problems.
  6. No you don't, it sucks!
  7. ie. - increase the size of your bet during losing periods.


    put another way:

    the surest way to go broke when undercapitalized.

    I hate to bet against you GG, but unless you stop swinging for the fences and start spraying around the singles and doubles, you're doomed.

    Show a little discipline and you'll have a much better chance of succeeding.


  8. When you said, "point is I am afraid that I won't get "it" back".

    That is the exact thing that will prevent you from getting "it" back.

    Those feelings go under the "fear" category. Remember fear and greed...ya can't have them.

    Your mind is setting up a road block for you.

    Get rid of that...and if you have a true passion for the'll be all set. If you can do it once, you can do it again.

    Good Trading,
  9. When was the last time you took a vacation? Maybe all you need is a break. Perhaps you will have "it" back after a month away from trading?

    But whatever you do in life, it is best if you have a passion for it. Whether it's being a chef or a carpenter, or whatever. If it feels dreary to you, maybe you should look at a career change. Just keep in mind, though, we are in a crappy job market now, so if you are making a living as a least it's a job that pays the bills.

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