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  1. Letter To Shareholders. -
    We are approaching the one year mark on our Summer 2018 Portfolio and there are some misses that I am very sorry for. I know most of you shareholders are dead at this point (Mom, Dad, Gram etc) but to those remaining standing I would like to offer the most sincere apologies from our investment staff.


    IRDM. - Satellite Compamy/ Communications = WINNER

    URGN. - Israel Biotech = LOSER

    TGODF.- The Green Organic Dutchman/ Canadian Pot stock = LOSER

    VRNT. - This company is hard to describe. = WINNER

    SNY. - Sony all things gaming and Entertainment. = FLAT

    GWPH.- This stock should be $50 higher NEXT month. = WINNER

    WPC. - I'm a REIT.= WINNER

    SPOT.- Recent music stream IPO I'm sure you all already know. = FLAT

    4 winners and two losers, Two Flat!! This is very unusual for stonedinvesting who's stocks are specially picked for BOTH up and down markets. What happened? I'm going through all my research and I just think I caught a bit of bad luck. My most speculative are my losers I could of played things a lot more safe. I would think my next picks would all be pent up winners! Either that or I've completely lost it!!

    URGN has not fired the way I thought it would in fact it has gone down. It remains a top holding for this year's list. I am considering buying more. I'm not sure why; the story appears intact and this should be a big year for the Company-- but it's an unknown Bio; not part of any easily traded exchange fund. Perhaps I'm paying for that. I'm not surprised my pot stock didn't work out great-- I chose it based on personal preference for natural organic outdoor bud maybe a mistake. The take no prisoners industrial growers appear to be doing better. Still we hold. SPOTIFY has just been flat - I don't know why at all. I'm not at all technical but I like what SPOT does especially pushing those little vids that show up without prompting to whatever you are listening to.

    Ok on to the good stuff. IRDM is nicely up $15.75---> $27.00.
    SNY should be up quite a bit they are coming out with a new console soon for Playstation and have a hand in this e sports stuff. I think they are held back by being a Japanese company and suffering the pains of being in that stock market-- I don't get it. When you factor in all the assets this Co seems undervalued to the extreme. Basically Flat at $50 area (we bought at $48 it topped out at $60 and it has returned.) Verint Systems Inc.has been a great play on CYBER security. VRNT $45--> $61.60. GW Pharm has ridden the bio wave but not enough we are used to better performance. GWPH $140--> $178.00. We have SOLD this stock ( I had a $100 CB) as well IONIS which unfortunately is not represented in the Elite Portfolio but I have mentioned extensively that it was a big holding of mine I sold that as well. I just had to book some money before this correction. With mixed feelings I sold our REIT as well what a total return!
    WPC $66.00--> $79.00! With a 6% yield the entire way! I am very proud of that pick.

    Alright, so not my best effort but the game is not over yet!!! I have some new ideas, I've been creating a watch list as the declines have accelerated. These are organic ideas that I have been circulating in my brain-- we will choose among these this week and add to our ongoing portfolio. I'll come back and flush out the ideas for you. I am not closing this out until everything is priced correctly! ~stoney








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    Did you give up on the CRISPR stocks for the 2019 plays?
    Too much risk? They are quite speculative, but word is Bill Gates and Google (some skunkwork division) among others are pumping cash in.
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    If you're into cheap Bio/Genomics check out:

    1) NVTA
    2) NTLA
    They may take a year. Street's gonna need 2020 TTM numbers

    3) TWST
    4) CDNA
    5) NTRA

    And I woulda said:
    6) VCYT
    But it's already 3x in 6mos...still good after a rest.
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  8. well you are certainly lucky that governments are making legal grass or marijuana.

    you may be stoned forever

    but if you think you are lucky in the markets.....or if you caught bad something.....
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  9. I love the confused comments-- What dis this??? My lord you read Elite Trader and have no knowledge of the StonedInvestor? How very strange. Well what can I tell you other than I am a guy who comes on very infrequently with usually great ideas... but ONE PROBLEM- I always come on at an important inflection point for the market... Usually a day or two after I post the market crashes. This has happened so often and so regularly I know two Twinks. I'm sorry two Quants who lurk at this site and who actually trade off my appearances here, using my exuberance and willingness to share my names as some sort of' timing mechanism for them to get out! I AM A REVERSE INDICATOR.. except this time folks, I have outsmarted everyone because I was going to come on two weeks ago when I sold a bunch from last years ET portfolio raising cash but I decided to wait till after the sell off so when I came on the reverse indicator would reverse UP!-Get It!

    Good. Geeze.

    Ok First Off This morning is Drop Box. I am going to add this one first. Why? It's cheap.
    First off even I have heard of it and many of these Zoom type things I have not heard of. Yes I am the last man in America without a cell phone-- but lets not go there-- farmers can pick stocks too! Ok so I see this Dropbox exists and my wife she occasionally drops something into Dropbox for her online jewelry business ayyy-- I'm guessing it's some sort of cloud sharing platform enabling large amounts of data to be handed back and forth without clogging up the senders memory-- But that's a guess. Something like that. But like Paypal I feel Dropbox is a member of the internet community that's here to stay. Furthermore I see VALUE and I am at heart a contrarian value x surprise event/catalyst investor... kind of.

    My first instinct here is to add a small Cappish tech name-- DBX. Recent positve earnings - Check! A chance top buy an already established and growing recent IPO (last year or so) near their IPO price-- a catch up Tech play; a stock that seems to have been left behind and yet has some good meat on the bone.

    BUY DBX. ~stoney



    DBX@23.50 -------> Starting here


    MBUU@42.50----> #2



  10. Hello Mr Vanzandt -- I have had some very good luck in the Biotech world so I didn't want to push things too far and No I have not bought into the CRSPR rage yet although obviosully this is a very important slice of biotech with tons of promise. CRSP always looks attractive and it does now to me.

    I'm looking at NASH now & NASH play NGM Bio. NASH is Non-Alcoholic SteatoHepatitis. It is the most severe form of non-alcoholic fattyliverdisease & it's very important area I think. When some guy was talking about IPO's for this year he mentioned NGM this was a long time ago and I wrote it down and put that in my memory. Who was the guy? I forget some talkinghead pushing his book but since the IPO had not come out yet maybe it was a IPO newsletter guy but I always kept track and the IPO recently came out at $14.00 they are going to have lots of newsflow this back end of the year and what's exciting is they have a big partner-- Merck but they protected this Lead candidate and own that outright and I love a set up like this where someone with deep pockets is paying for all these trials yet your golden boy you have under lock and key!! The golden boy in this case is NGM282!

    Coming off a successful IPO, NGM Biopharmaceuticals is moving full speed with the clinical development of NGM282 for NASH fibrosis.

    NGM282 is a non-tumorigenic engineered analogue of human hormone FGF19 and the lead investigative drug candidate in Phase 2b clinical trials for NASH and cholestatic liver diseases.

    Top-line data readout on the 24-week Phase 2b NASH study is expected in Q4 2019.

    The clinical benefits of NGM282 at 12 weeks is very impressive. The data reinforce the ongoing development of NGM282 in NASH due to its potential clinical benefit at resolving NASH and reversing liver fibrosis. The data readout in Q4 2019 should confirm the therapeutic effects of NGM282 at suppressing steatosis, inducing NASH resolution and regression of liver fibrosis at 24 weeks.

    So the Question becomes Biotech itself is that too risky an area now when we are in the middle of a sell off? However i also think that $14.00 the IPo price would be like a magnet I doubt the stock would ever fall much lower... Famous last words! But think about it ths young company with a real sexy lead product has come to market and it is ours right now Beneath their opening price!

    NGM $13.55 currently-!

    So I'm not sure I'm going to have the guts today but I do want to own this name I think. ~si
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