Can you develop a winning FX system?

Discussion in 'Classifieds' started by Jetheat, May 18, 2007.

  1. Jetheat


    I'm looking for a system developer.

    I need some systems built for me from the ground up with past results for the last year.

    If you are able to make a few of these systems, I am willing to pay you for your effort.

    Please get in touch if you are interested or want more info.

    My email is admin [at]

  2. Jetheat


    LOL, yes I am.
  3. Why dont you do it yourself?
  4. Jetheat


    No time or creativity.
  5. So you expect someone to just do it for you? Unbelieveable!!! I cant wait to see the responses you get.

  6. Jetheat


    I guess you missed the part where I said "I am willing to pay you for your effort".

    I swear, come people on this forum...

  7. Mate I saw it but do you really think anyone on here is going to develop a system and just sell it to you at anything less than a very serious price why would they do that? What you think this is Walmart?

    More importantly do you think you can actually follow a system as you are too lazy to try and develop one yourself. Even following a system takes discipline and from what you have written so far I doubt you have that.

    I could be wrong though or maybe what you want is an automated system? Yeah that sounds good just set and forget and you will have your own little 24/7 money making machine requiring no effort on your part all you have to do is withdraw the fruits of your labor!!

    The thing is what happens when it has its first major drawdown will you have the confidence in something you have not put in any effort to ride out the downswing? I doubt it, you will simply move on to the next system you havent worked for but expect just to payoff. Tell me where i am wrong?

  8. Jetheat


    Once again, you shoot your mouth off without knowing anything about me and why I need the systems.

    I have already had many emails about the work which needs to be done and so there are many people who are interested.

    Since you can't see those, why do you insist on putting your foot in it every time?

    Furthermore, do you know how much I am prepared to pay? Of course you don't?

    Do you think I will be trading the systems myself? The fact is, you still don't know.

    So quit being a jerk and let people with serious responses email me.

    Don't shoot your mouth off when you don't know the facts. This is a loser trader trait.

  9. Only one years results?
  10. Exactly, the bloke is clueless

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