Can you believe Obama said this?

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    Barack is a very liberal Democrat. Of course I can believe he said this stuff. This is the standard black-democrat mantra. This guy is doing and will continue to do exactly what he has done in the past, which is govern from the left.

    For some reason, a lot of middle of the road voters, projected a centrist menatlity onto Obama, when in fact, McCain was far more centrist than Barack could ever dream of being...........
  2. Ummm, the election's over. McCain lost, get over it. This thread needs to go to Community Lounge.
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    Ok, so we can't talk about our President?

    Typical, response from an Obama kool-aid drinker.

    Did you listen to the video?
  4. Inasmuch as I dissagree BO on almost all issues, I do respect the forthrightness of his candor. With the notable exception of earmark reform BO was very clear about where he stood in terms of philosophy. There was no secret here. The people voted him with the full understanding of what he was about. (Very Scary)
    All we can do is watch this slow motion disaster unfold as spectators would witness a train wreck- knowing that there is nothing we can do to stop it. The true test is to see weather the US Senate can check the excesses of an executive branch that is completely out of control with its desire for more spending.
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  6. I listened to it.

    He's talking about how the "market" is unable to provide training for jobs . . . The "free" market is not so "free and fair". Why is this so shocking to people?

    We all know that the market can fail and distort, and that it does not self-regulate as Alan Greenspan thought . . . We know this from the way that Enron "gamed" the power grid in California, how unregulated credit default swaps ruined the balance sheets of banks and threatened our financial system, not too mention when the CFTC turned and "looked the other way" in regards to crude oil surging to $147 dollars per barrel due to swaps, ICE overseas, and no position limits.

    Why is it so shocking that Obama points out that the "marketplace" is not always "fair and free"???
  7. Hopefully the President and the US Senate and House are much better at spelling than you are. (Very Scary)
  8. Sure, you can talk all you want about Obama in Chit-Chat or Politics and Religion. So far in this thread I haven't detected any trading content.
  9. I just started looking into his birth certificate thing. There are way too many shady aspects behind his birth cert. I don't think Obama is even allowed to be president -- he wasn't born here.
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