Can you be an FX trader?

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  1. Came across this FX simulator and it's incredibly fun and good. I used to be a trader at an investment bank (market maker in g10 fx and rates) and I gotta say, this is pretty accurate. Enjoy!

    Trading Simulator (
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    Stressful. And, to think I used to work in the pits at the Merc.

    WFH is making me soft.
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  3. dfoens't work for me but if you like that, you might like this:
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  5. hmm while I can see how that can be fun, I don't actually like that style because you don't learn the risk management aspect of trading (changing size). Try running the FX game on a chrome browser -- I think you'll see how different it is.
  6. Yeah that one is only good for price action, it's sizing is non existent.
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    I get following using Chrome with Kaspersky:-

    "Visiting an untrustworthy website has been prevented
    Detected at: 1/1/2022 3:06:25 PM


    Reason: This certificate or one of the certificates in the certificate chain is not up to date."
  8. The group that put up the game just hasn’t updated the site certificate. You can still access it if you click on “advance settings” and “proceed anyway”… you don’t need to make an account to play the game. Anyway I’m not a web expert so caveat emptor.