Can Woods come back AGAIN?

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    Puts or putts? You are so trader. :)

    Anyways, he's done well considering his condition.

    Let's remember him as he was, no matter how he finishes in this Masters tourney.

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    At least he was upbeat about it when they interviewed him.
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    Bit over the top for Tiger to say doctors were contemplating amputation and yet he is walking, under his own power, 3 rounds (so far) of golf barely a year later.

    Back in my middle 20's I shattered my right Tibia into a jigsaw puzzle/two spiral fractures of about 2 dozen pieces and a simple break of my right Fibula. Same year and about same injury as Joe Theisman getting sacked by Lawrence Taylor.

    Took me about 18 months for my full recovery, mostly because I didn't have Tiger's resources and did rehab on my own. And of course didn't have The Masters tournament to get ready for.

    But there was never even a thought of amputation.

    Anyway valiant effort on Tiger's part this week and whatever he can accomplish the rest of his playing days but Jack Nicklaus's Majors record is safe. I thought that ever since Tiger smacked Escalade into front yard tree.
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    Actually, I believe it was the Doctors that stated that such was a consideration if there was not going to be an improvement in the leg considering an infection had started to set in.

    I've seen such before in the military when a buddy of mine was injured in an explosion (Operation Desert Storm) and again in civilian life when another buddy of mine had a very serious motorcycle accident while on leave from Iraq.

    A badly damaged leg that has no improvement and after about a month...dangerous infection begins to spread along with the possibility of getting into the blood...resulting in septic toxic syndrome...increasing the risk of death...

    Doctors will then amputate the leg.

    Reminder - Tiger Woods wants to be mentally tough like his father (ex Green Beret) and had one time thought about military service to become a Navy Seal or maybe he wanted to see if he can pass a Navy Seal training course.

    That was the time when he begin to weightlift to develop his upper body and his cardio endurance.
    Anyway, in my opinion, he gutted out the Masters and did all the walking to prove to himself he can at least play with others without any additional medical assistance.

    I remember that buddy of mine (a proud AirAssault Ranger, Fort Campbell Kentucky) when he walked for the first time down a hallway at the VA hospital Rehab facility...without any assistance from anyone...he broke down in tears.

    Today, he walks almost normal but with the assistance of a walking cane.

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    Still, not to take away what Tiger did by being out their for Masters but someone trying to prove how tough they are would not bring up amputation. Let others. It was a severe injury, so IMO no need for hyperbole.

    Think his dad would have given him the evil eye if he was there.
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    I understand why he talks about the worst-case scenario had his leg not improved while he was hospitalized...

    I too grew up in a military family as he did, later serving at the same base as my old man and I once played at an elite level in sports...Jr. national level (rowing). He wants people to know it was not just a regular broken leg in which they slap a cast on it and the cast then comes off in a few months...a little rehab and everything is OK.

    Simply, he wants people to know how physically and mentally tough he is and can do things when most would have a Navy Seal. It's a tough guy behavior to prove much more that he can still play was his way to show he's just as tough as America's elite military force.
    • He talked about it because he was asked questions about it. Thus, it's normal for him to respond with some details about how serious it really was.
    Yet, that last interview he gave at the Masters was telling...the media asked questions again about the "pain in the leg" and he smiled with a grimace without giving an answer. I wouldn't be shocked if he has a few more surgeries on that leg in the next 1 - 2 years...

    I think he'll then consider retirement from Golf and do stuff like Jack Nicklaus did after he retired. Yet, I would love to see him become a Golf Coach on the collegiate level for awhile considering he's still closely involved with his alma mater (Stanford).

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    I grew up in a military family as well. Many have.

    My WWII Pacific Navy father would have cracked me in the teeth were he alive today for mentioning amputation. Hey we are not all the same, think the same and talk the same.

    No biggie. :thumbsup:
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    Of course he can----and let's not forget about the Champions Tour soon enough.
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  9. Amazing he made the cut, but it looks like he's got quite a long way to go before he can put together four rounds without falling apart. Don't count him out just yet.
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