Can women smell the money of successful traders

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by Sky123987, Jan 5, 2009.

  1. For all you millionaires out there who day trade by yourself or at a firm w/ a bunch of guys...

    can the women smell the money?
    or is the just a wise tale?
  2. CET


    Women can just smell money in general. This ability is more pronounced when they are ovulating.
  3. Not really.
    They can see what you are displaying but generally women are pretty easily fooled by basic bs and show off.
  4. never forget..

    "first you get the money. then you get the power. then you get the woman."

    women are always looking for the bigger and better deal.

  5. do u really want a woman that will be excited by the money?
    find a hot chick, and have her pay for YOU. Regardless of how much you make.
    Only then you can be sure she won't dump you and take 1/2 ur shit.

    Note: even the golddiggers can be turned - they all have at least 1 / 2 that one love. But you CERTAINLY don't entice them with dough.