Can women breast feed with implants?

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    My litttle cousin who's about 18 was thinking about this and she had the nerve to bring it up at the dinner table last night.

    ET, give me an answer for this girl!
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    I don't know, but I'll volunteer to give it a try.
  3. Tell your little cousin that breast implants are stupid. Tell her that if she wants to look good that she can work out a few times a week to develop and maintain reasonable muscle tone. The earlier in life that she starts, the more likely she is to stick with it and the more likely she will remain health and nutrition conscious throughout her adult life. She'll feel and look great, and she'll be ahead of the game. By a wholesome country mile.
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    yes! I saw it on the MANswers show, maybe it's hard to remember the details .:D
  5. yes, it is possible. but it may taste like silicone. :cool:
  6. Not only that, but the baby will have giant boobs by the age of six from the silicone.

    Tell her to forget the implants. Tell her a man only needs a mouthful, not a pair of watermelons hanging off the front of her. Even though they are fun to play with, they will give her a bad back by the age of 25. And every time she bends over, there is the possibility she will fall headfirst into the ground.
  7. Most women can breast feed with implants. There is chance of implant surgery that will cause milk flow not to be able to go to the nipple. This happens when the incision for the implant is done without thinking about breast milk flow.
    My personal opinion is not have implants till after having babys. Why take such a risk to not be able to give baby the best milk for him/her? But that is my personal view, and I have read most women with implants can produce milk and feed their baby. The silicon in implants does not get into breast milk (from what research has been done of that) To me, I say "Why take the risk of something that could be possible, but is not proven to have happened yet?"
  8. We seem to lack consensus. Imo, have her just try an implant on one side (depending whether she is left or right handed) and see how that works.

  9. :D
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    You getting implants? ;)
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