Can white people say it?

Discussion in 'Politics' started by OPTIONAL777, Mar 28, 2011.

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  2. Way back in high school me and my girlfriend were sitting in my car at the park eating lunch. Two black guys drove by and when they saw me looking at them one of them hollered " what are you looking at cracker " not knowing what cracker meant and being full of piss and vinegar I shouted back fuck off nigger. LOL guess what happened next. They drove off and after we ate I drove my girlfriend back to here job and WTF those guys were behind me and had me blocked in. I got out and put up a pretty good fight till they got me on the ground and well I received a little bit of an ass whooping by those two boys.
  3. apparently you have no qualms about saying "WHITE" ...

    you do understand how little respect you deserve and ultimately will receive
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  5. Notice the double standard in that they felt it was perfectly fine for them to use a racial slur. In any case, it's good fortune for you that you lost the fight, otherwise you'd probably still be in jail for a "hate crime".

  6. Not in my home town, not in the 70's, they would let you beat each others brains out and the cops didn't care.
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    Was getting your ass kicked the turning point in your life when you decided to become a bleeding heart liberal? A (partly) serious question.
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    So a comedian determines who can and cannot say the "n" word eh?

    I guess between Jon Stewart and Cris Rock you liberals just about have all the bases covered.
  9. You're stupid.
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    Possibly, but then I'm not the one who got his ass kicked either. Now was my question too difficult or too painful to answer?
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