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  2. Sorry about the delayed response; I have been sort of off line for a few days.

    The best example, I think, is to consider a picture of music.

    The musician's "attack" is instantaneous instrumentally speaking. But look at how the musician's body movement bespeaks his understanding and involvement of the moment. Further, we all know that he knows the score.

    I do feel it is worth recognizing a set of principles that surround making money. They lead to an understanding than be equated with the music example above.

    Let me put them in place for a moment's consideration.

    Trader's can use tools to be able to act instataneously with respect to the changing price they observe. They "play" the market as an instrument.

    A musician's emoting is as easily seen as heard, I believe. traders do emote. All the emotions are paired with the senses. Trading is done by continually sensing in as many ways as desired. I beleive that the theme of the market is sensable and emotions stay tuned to the senses.

    Now the hard part, principly speaking. The variables are tied intimately together just as all instruments are tied to the scale and what turns out to be the rules of harmony (or intentional lack of) and composition. Obviously the scale leads to harmony and harmony and scaling and intrumental design lead to composition. Market rules do yield to some variation on the theme of the variable's' relationship but not much.

    So the punch line is that the sequence of market operation (s) is very limited, primarily by the attention span of humans and their computers operating the market trading.

    Scientist shared a pertinent dialog on another aspect of this a couple of years back. That was the concept and principle of how the market operating point moves. For most it is not a possibility to consider that there are many market operating points. They would not be musicians either it turns out. In music the score is annoted by largely italian expressions for the way the music is to be peformed. You could equate this to operating points.

    Operating points form a universe of operations and their realtive locations are determined by setting up various axes of descriptive stuff. there are many kinds of multidimentional models knocking about. Go for two dimensions as a sufficiency to play the game.

    The one rule and principle that governs all and which is required to understand is this: The market does not jump around but moves from one adjacent cell to another. Scientist, as I saw it, really jumped on this revelation. It is an adroit thing to know, understand and to build upon.

    The two other rather amazing propositions that this introduces are: the market largely moves in directions (change of operating points) that are a consequence of alternatives being blocked. This is tough to handle for most persons.

    The second proposition is that there are only two, dimensionally speaking, intensities of affecting movement: a simple move (one dimension involved) or a compound move (two dimensions involved). I will not mention the musical similarities but you can use harmony and composition as independant dimensions to see it.

    For me, I was able to understand the music of the market by scoring the three dimensions, P, V and A/D, respectively in that oredr of importance. This is a cyclic combination of 8 conditions that, it turns out behave sequentially. It is known as "counting".

    This yields three answers at all times to three key questions:

    Where are we in the cycle?
    What is next?
    and how fast is it changing?

    So this dynamic of operating points and cyclic behavior allows a person to monitor in such a way that he knows the near term future and can "attack" in the NOW space.

    By having a trading fractal that allows the music to "show" as the market theme, it is very logical to use an "anticipatory" faster fractal simply as a vernier.

    The original person who posed what I originally answered, was very general and unfoced so I gave a limitiing case type answer to awaken him a little.

    The 10 minute 10 second example is a contrast that is difficult for humans to handle. This is because of the "persistance" of the music. We hear only NOW but we "remember a few bars or so. It is the same in trading.

    I have an approach to discussing making money which is deeply committed to allowing people to use their minds effectively and efficiently. I try to isolate the sensory time from all other parts of the making of money. There are three other parts. Each unique and different.

    It is posible to play music, though using these four parts.

    Try watching a violinist in a concert. Monitoring the score is NOT a full time activity. There is a sequence of several distinct independant activities. They are repeated over and over as the composition is played. Music is divided into bars, as a matter of fact. See question three above.

    Bars have notes.

    Notes are the vernier for bars.

    Before notes are played, they are comprehended. Part of the comprehension is getting ready to do something different than sensing the notes, it is using the instrument to carry out a physical process.

    In investing we do not do physical stuff BUT WE COULD USE THAT PART OF OUR MINDS!!!

    I do refer to how that is done in ET. I do not go into details unless I see it exhibited by posts of others who have gotten there. Not many have had glimpses as yet.

    Let it go as "sports memory". you can search sports memory to get a closer look at what a trader can achieve as a mental operating level.

    I trade at sport memory level. I ride a bike to trade. Not many do. A person have to cogitate for a long time to get to begin to know what is going on with themselves. since this is not part od schooling (formal education), it is not a common practice.

    it can be very damaging to not know how you work personally, especially when you subject yourself to big deal situations.

    People exist on food and water etc. They also occupy themselves.

    Think of super sensual singers singing a song entitled "Occupation".

    Trading is a very very hazardous "occupation" Part of the third verse of the song "Occupation".

    As traders fail, they build a rsponse system that eliminates them from trading psychologically and physically.

    Oppositely, successful traders get to "anticipation" as shown by the theme of your quiry.

    I already subliminally intoduced "anticipation" musically for your pleasure via the "occupation" song.

    This should be a very enjoyable and humous post to those who get it.. I am trying to cover a lot of bases with the efforts I canstill afford. Its still just run on
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  3. Grob, thanks for the reply. Good stuff to chew thru the weekend.
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