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Discussion in 'Strategy Building' started by Flashboy, Nov 11, 2005.

  1. Two bar MA and it lags by one bar.

    But if you trade on the 10 min and run a small MA (say 5MA) on a very short duration bar (say 10 seconds) along side your trading chart, you can get an MA that is hardly lagging your trading chart and well within the bar you are forming on the trading chart.
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  2. Grob, but trading a larger-time frame (10 mins) based on an indicator of small time-frame (10 sec) would not be the most reliable way to profit ? or would it ??

    p.s. that should have read as "smaller" time-frame not small time frame.
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  3. nkhoi

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    but, is this go against reward/risk 3:1 conventional wisdom?
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  4. but i guess the win percentage would still ensure modest profit ;
    not considering slippage though

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  5. Hey NihabaAshi,

    Don't think I can argue with you there.. you are right..

    I haven't been trading but still looking at the markets.. and I think I have tried to use trading to make myself feel whole so to speak.. which is never a good way to approach the market
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  6. #1 No I didn't spot it .. not till after the fact..

    #3 ..yes I did notice that as it was unfolding.

    But I wasn't actually trading that day either.
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  7. Hey Dustin,

    when you say price action.. doesn't that have a little to do with TA??

    with price action are you not looking for things such as Double tops??

    If not, can you explain what you look for..
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  8. Dustin


    No, my entries for my main strategy are 100% automated, and only based on price fluctuations. Sorry I can't give more details than that.

    I do have a secondary strategy that employs breakouts and that would have to do with TA, but it only works in certain market conditions.
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  9. balda


    I used to trade a system like that when price moved 2% in 30 min I'd enter a counter trend trade. Had to scan for small cap stocks. There were many other minor conditions. Dollar cost averaging was a part of the system.

    Edit: Had to make sure stock didn't move due to any news release

    I consider this a T/A based system.
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  10. balda


    By the way You can disclose a complete set of rules and most of the ETers will lose money on it. Everyone will start tweaking to their needs and;

    Electricsavant will overcomplicate the hell out of it.:D
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