Can we see who has "ignored" us?

Discussion in 'Feedback' started by lynx, Aug 17, 2009.

Would you like like to see who's ignore list you are on?

  1. Yes, it would provide good feedback to me.

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  2. No it would destroy my self confidence.

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  3. I don't care who ignored me, I just like to hear myself talk.

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  1. lynx


    I would love to be able to see a list of people who have "ignored" me. That way I know not to waste time responding to them if they won't see it. Even just knowing the number of people ignoring me would provide valuable feedback.

    I also think that adding that feature would increase the quality of discussion. I think that most of the time when someone says "I put you on my ignore list", that they actually haven't, judging by the number of times they come back and reply to that person.

    If there was some accountability there, people would be forced to ACTUALLY use the ignore list, which would cut down on the fighting.

    The obvious objection is that this could provide satisfaction to trolls as they try to run up their numbers; but the higher score they get the less impact they have so what's the harm?
  2. mxjones


    Wow - 27 posts and you wonder who is ignoring you?

    Why don't you tell us your other aliases - maybe that will help.
  3. lynx


    mxjones: Why the hostility? How could that post have possibly provoked you?

    I challenged someone who was acting smug and self-satisfied to look deeper. He responded by "ignoring" me. That's what got me thinking about it.

    Then I realized that to be able to see the list of ignorers, or at least the number of them, could indirectly raise the civility level.

    By the way how did you vote? And why?
  4. maxpi


    I voted, I'm for transparency...

    I'd like to see the statistics on everybody really, I'd like to have an auto ignore choice wherein I could set my account to ignore the top n% most ignored right off the bat.. Google rankings are similar but inverted, they look at how many other pages link your site.. on ET we need this feature very badly, the place is bedlam anyhow, if we could ignore the worst of the bedlam, say the dungeon section, we could get up to speed with our ignore list a lot quicker... coming to ET with no ignore list is just asking to be abused by trolls of the first order really... I'll abuse people with contentless obnoxious posts occasionally but typically, forget it, easy to hit the ignore button on them...

    I have 360+ names on my ignore list here.. many of them are gone years ago of course... they get on there for obnoxious contentless posts.. it's not any more complex than that, a few are on there because they are repetitively obsessed with something, mostly extreme negativity of outlook.. and Jack Hershey is in a special category of his own... I guess it's the "he's trying to do something to my mind and set my account aside for his own use somehow and weird new agey people make me want to flee" category or something...

    Edit: I see you responded to a post by mxjones.. ask yourself 1) was there content? 2) was he weird and /or obnoxious? if yes-yes, don't respond, hit the ignore...
  5. Lucrum


    Jeez, before I cleared it, I was publicly crucified for having 250ish.
  6. lynx


    I've been reluctant to use the ignore feature because I didn't want to miss anything. Even the worst trolls occasionally post something worthwhile. And I'd hate to ignore someone who was just having a bad day.

    But I've started giving it a chance for repeat offenders... and now I'm hooked and am ignoring people left and right. :)
  7. Why did you decide to clear it? I have about 250 on mine right now.
  8. Lucrum


    I was sitting here one evening enjoying a beer and for no particular reason I just said WTF.

    I think it came too me from that scene in "Risky Business" where the guy tells Cruise "sometimes you just gotta say WTF."

    Admittedly there have already been several times I've had second thoughts about it though.
  9. I'll bet it becomes too much and you decide to start building it up again. Things are as bad as they've ever been with the multi-alias assholes.