Can we really blame Petraeus?

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Max E. Pad, Nov 12, 2012.

  1. I say give Petraeus a pass on this one, imagine having to come home to that swamp donkey every day? Probably the reason he kept himself at war for so long, so he could stay away from her.

    Holly Petraeus


    Paula Broadwell


    Jill Kelley is the one beside petraeus wife in the photo, Shes the one Broadwell thought he was fucking maybe we still find out he was.

  2. Swamp donkey....:D
  3. Ricter


    Here's another creature some have married:

    <img src="">
  4. Atleast Rand had a brain, Holly Petraeus is a liberal, so odds are she is even uglier on the inside than the outside.

  5. Argh my eyes..That's horrible...Choose your wife well.
  6. Ricter


    So what's inside matters. Gotcha.

    And you're a conservative...
  7. Age takes it's toll. The General wasn't all that much to look at when they met. I doubt he was making the girls "moist" with his good looks. She was rather plain, but hardly ugly.
    We should focus on all the good work this woman has done for Veterans over the years, which will now be diminished by the stupidity of her not hot then, not hot now husband.

    <img src=
  8. Ricter


    Well said, Cap'n.