Can we make alarm if Dow is down >2%

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  1. Dear-

    As Friday, if the Dow index is down 2% or more, I like to trade much in the next day.

    With Python, R, Excel I like to hear some alarm whenever I open my PC or my cellular at 7 PM.

    Hopefully With 1) chrome crawling to yahoo/finance website 2) sounding "The Dow is down 2.45%" 3) Hopefully with R.

    Appreciated if some help me to find any link or other source to program those.
    Or some reward to help me.
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  2. Turn on CNBC at 7pm. There. Alarm
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    Task Scheduler, run a Python script at 7pm that scrapes the website and if change < -2% sends an SMS via Twilio to your phone and then use some app that uses a voice synth to read you the SMS.
  4. For perspective...

    Years ago declines in the market of up to about 20% were considered as merely "trading noise".

    Now some panic when the market is 2% off of its highs.

    Today's market players are waaaayyyyy too spoiled.
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    I think he means -2% per day, it has always been meaningful. Not a big deal in 2008 of course.
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    It's not much of an exaggeration to state that a not insignificant number of fund managers have never seen a bear market in stocks NOR a prolonged correction. 2009 is already 9 years ago and there are plenty of guys and gals under the age of 30 running the show.

    And who would be more likely to sell vol day after day, month after month and year after year aside from someone who has never seen VIX at 30-40-50 and above? People who traded thru 99-00, 07-09 remember what the markets are capable of. I see a lot of ignorance is bliss type investing/trading strategies nowadays.
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  7. Ignorance is bliss is believing you have to live through something to learn from something.

    I've never lived through a tsunami but if I see one I know to get to higher ground.

    Whether or not someone running the show is under or over age 30 does not matter as long as money and trade management is always in place.
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    Nothing like a Sunday evening breaking news headline on top of cnbc home page that reads Dow futures down over 100 points....

    Cnbc is a pathetic bunch aren't they.... can't wait for one of those 1000+ point days and a good solid bear market to wake those fools up!!!
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  9. Huh they are a bunch of long only cheerleaders but you are faulting them for saying tonight Dow futures are down 100 points? It actually now reads down -190.

    Reporting the news, most of the times, are what they do.

    Are you a long only 'trader"?
  10. Hello,

    You can use or to set these types of alarms.
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