Can we just get rid of the "Further Spammer" thread?

Discussion in 'Feedback' started by trader56, Nov 22, 2009.

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  1. Twenty-five pages of, well, what?

    Yeah, yeah, so don't read it. Ninety-nine percent of ET I don't bother reading - one quick, infrequent scan of the headlines is more than enough.

    But seriously, what's this thread doing up still?
    That child with the multiple aliases? He'd be funny if it weren't blindingly obvious that he doesn't trade, and only uses the computer to post nonsense...'course that adds him to the majority here now...
  2. Joe


    So instead of one thread, would you want a new thread started every time? 25 threads instead of 25 pages?
  3. Good point - guess one thread is better than more than one.
  4. Tell that to TraderZones :)

  5. LOL! Too bad we can't tell that to your personal heckler there.
  6. They've tried, but its very hard to get through to teenagers these days :)

  7. Tissue?

  8. More tissues?

  9. Heck, I'll just order you a whole case of tissues....that should last you till the weekend :D

  10. Says the guy who creates user names daily to follow me around and post spam all over ET (a chat forum by the way).

    Forgive me if I brush aside ANY and ALL criticism YOU may have of me :D :p

    #10     Nov 24, 2009
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