Can we have a PM on/off switch...and no I do not want to be banned!

Discussion in 'Feedback' started by ElectricSavant, Jun 25, 2006.

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  1. would this be hard to do in user options?...

    Baron. This is not a complaint and it seems like it might be easier to do than the other requests by your guests.

    I think that others may want to be able to turn this off too..

    Anybody else?
  2. did u get bashed to death via pm on your shor/long at the same time strategy electro[?]
  3. Baron

    Baron ET Founder

    Any particular reason behind your request?
  4. Yes..there is a very good reason I believe.

    I have numerous PM's (you can verify this) from many with questions. Due to the fact that I am an active poster in ET, I find that my time is better served by addressing questions in the know less work for the many...

    I suppose that some members would find it useful to have their PMS left on...They should be able to choose, which would give ET that extra option that sets it apart from the other Forums.

    The added volume that the advertisers receive would be better served and the privacy of the guests could be enjoyed, when they choose.

    Baron, I will leave you with this. Any particular reason why this WOULD NOT benefit ET?

    Michael B.

    P.S. The only concern that this raises in my mind, is ..."How many guests will opt out of PM's". And for their friends how would they communicate anonymously through the ET shield if they wished to remain anonymous. but friends have emails...but again how would they transmit their address to one another outside of the public seeing it?..I guess they could turn on their PM and then exchange the email address...then turn it back off...what ET should not want is to promote communication outside of the Forum, this is a valid concern against my request/idea.

    P.P.S. I hope I am not being too bold, in my post. As always Baron, I appreciate the Forum you provide with ET and continued success always.

  5. Bsulli


    I would think a buddy list for accepting pm's would work. Setup the pm system so a request to add pm could be recieved and then it could be added or rejected by the reciepent and a return pm back letting the sender know the status.

  6. In your Edit Options/Pop up a box when you receive a Private Message? Select: NO

    Then once every few months mass delete all PM's without reading them. Read through more options under Messaging & Notification and maybe select No on a few more.
  7. If a wannabe book author finds himself overwhelmed with a pm box with lots of questions, does not that suggest that the writing style need be refined?

    If your readers are being left with tons of questions after reading your post, then show some respect and change your style.

    Placing the blame for inadequate writing skills on the reader is just immoral.

    I suggest you keep your pm option and use it for a benchmark as to whether you are improving on your communication skills or not.
  8. If I'm correct, you're making the conlcusion that a PM is only a result of a bad writing style ???? are you serious?
  9. Blame? This is neither a blame or complaint...immoral? lol...this is rather strong wouldn't you say Sulong?

    I simply would like to turn my PM's off and address questions in the Forums. This way I am showing the respect needed to others that may or may not ask the questions.

    Your very quick to judge Sulong as you always have been over the years...I think we all have realised that your dislikes towards me and/or my posts are very clear. I am sure there are others that agree with you. But why stalk me? Does it give you Joy?

    I think giving the PM choice to the guest is an excellent idea, not because its my I am sure others have inquired about it...but because it should be fairly easy to implement and there really is no harm to ET.

    Now Baron, excuse me for my naivness...It may not be easy to implement, how would I know?....does the software have an open architecture already built in a user friendly interface where you can turn things on or off?...or are you at the mercy of a software upgrade from the software vendor or the expense of a programmer cutomizing this for you?

    Michael B.


  10. As it relates to ES, than yes.

    ES shoots his mouth off about helping others, writing how to books, and generally being some kind of know everything. The latest being his project to write a book for the “retail trader”.
    If his goal is to make an impact on a traders knowledge base, then ES needs to show some respect to his audience.
    When readers are left with a ton of questions, the result is that they (the reader) is offended at his time being wasted.

    Writing 101
    #10     Jun 26, 2006
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