can we get real for a minute...No, will not see DOW 5,000...that is impossible

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by increasenow, Oct 10, 2008.

  1. can we get real for a minute...No, will not see DOW 5,000...that is impossible...think about it...there is no way the markets can really go lower...are we gonna see DOW 3,000 or SP 600 or Nasdaq, relax...there HAS to be a bottom...get your 401k adjusted to go long...comments, thoughts..
  2. Why not? There is a pretty good chance we could see oil at 50 dollars a barrel!
  3. I could see Dow 3000.
  4. There you go AGAIN, making definitive statements about something you have NO CONTROL over.

    When will you learn, seriously, I'm dead serious.

  5. There is roughly $70 TRILLION in credit default swaps out there . . . ANYTHING is possible!
  6. for once,i agree with Landis.
  7. I saw a DOW 67** print on the tape this morning.
  8. why is this in chit chat...this is a serious trading item
  9. It's in here because your opinion based on nothing tangible is NOT a real trading discussion, its just you and others shooting the shit.

    You posted no charts, no technical perspective, nothing but your "it just can't go any lower" opinion.

    Hence chit chat :)

  10. Swordsman has hit the nail on the head. I'm not trying to offend you, increasenow. But there are far too many opinion and "chatty" type threads being posted. Right now, we need more factual ones. There's a sticky for all your chatty type commentary at the top of the forum. Please use it.
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