Can we bring back signatures?

Discussion in 'Feedback' started by TorontoTrader2, Sep 24, 2007.

Can we bring back signatures?

  1. Yes we need sigs

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  2. No, smoking sigs is bad for you

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  3. sig heil?

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  1. Like the one I manually inputed below?

    With the rule that if you are caught spamming commercial web sites in your sig, you lose your sig.

    Futher violations, use the regular TOS.

    And or...what about charging a optional monthly subscription fee to have a sig and to see less ads on the page?
    I'd pay $3-5 per month for that.

    Or would this entail too much admin work for Barron Von Barron?

    Please, I'm not a daytrader, I'm an "Intraday Liquidity Provider" :p

  2. Joe


  3. it amazes me joe that i have been a user since 2001 and had a username of and a signature of

    then one day someone decides to ban me from et for spamming when i have never sold anything here nor did i have a web site even up or anything to sell on that web site.

    everyone who has been around knows i give good stuff away for free, look for zillions of post of the oddball system by mark brown of just google it and see. i ran for free for years!

    you guys were too quick to jump my arse and i dont think you are thinking correctly with the kill em all and let god sort them out mentality. i am a very valuable asset to anyone who i choose to converse with. you should reinstate my user name i deserve it.

  4. Joe



    You don't even have a website. Why would you want to promote a website that doesn't even exist???


  5. cause i was doing it before you come along and messed me up :D if i had no web site and i aint no spammer why was my username poofed off like i was some crap on your shoe? everyone knew me as all over the net now my old post and who i was is destroyed. mb

    i think Hershey or Bright complained and that was that. some people just dont like me - if they view me as a threat.

    besides my domains are there - just nothing on them.
  6. C'MON BARON, bring back sigs..

    hard space is cheapo

    you can afford it

    ps get oil changed in that VIPER :D
  7. The signature space was abused by too many traders and by too many spammers.

    It created extra work for the moderators.

    In fact, I can still remember many spammers saying...

    I didn't know I can't post my website link to my services in my signature line.


    How about the ET members that would use the signature line to personally attack other members, profanity, political statements et cetera.

    Glad ET management got rid of it and hope they never bring it back.

  8. ya, sigs make a huge diff in way spammers conduct their bus..

    dumb ashi :D
  9. Supermax, it's gone...get use to it.

    Shouldn't ruin your day. :D

  10. ok forget the sig file how about giving my username back markbrown dot com that i had since 2001 why all of a sudden did et get all pissed off about my username - which btw has been around longer than most the mods? come on is this part of the bush anti terror initiative? how many complaints about spam did my username generate anyway, less than some candy bar journals around here i bet.

    Mark Brown

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