Can we ban GrandSuperCycle?

Discussion in 'Feedback' started by blowingup2012, Mar 28, 2012.

  1. Their posts are getting somewhat ridiculous. There are a bunch of great traders on this board, like Volente, who hash it out day after day with posts of great wisdom while GrandSuperCycle just keeps posting crap. Some of the crap is about delusions that moderators are reading his email or other posters are somehow after them. Lets get real.
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    I agree. I just warned him for the first and last time in another thread in this forum.
  3. please don't ban him..he makes me laugh..seems very clever fellow:D
  4. Tsing Tao

    Tsing Tao

    Have had him on ignore for over a month now. Useless threads, all with the same worthless commentary.
  5. It doesnt seem that he/she is learning as evidenced by the above post. Bold letters, paranoia, conspiracy, etc.
  6. I'm not sure why Elite Trader supports an obvious fraud who uses semantics and hysteria to discount his bad calls and "commentary".

    It wouldn't be half as bad if he didn't turn around later on and claim those "non calls" were real calls in the rare cases where any of them appears to be correct.

    With all the weasel talk I think we need a Glossary of terms for anyone reading his posts. For example :

    "may be worse then 2008"

    Out of dozens of possible outcomes, being worse then
    2008 is one of the least likely options. However, I'd like
    to reserve the right to say I called this rare event if it
    occurs, without taking any ownership that I predicted it
    if it doesn't.


    Something that "may" occur within the next 12 months.


    Anyone expecting accountability by the author. Non-trolls
    are expected to read his wisdom quietly as gospel.

    "first posted on xx-xx-xxxx"

    This was the date he posted a market call using the exact
    wording. Earlier calls with similar but not exact wording
    do not count; besides, they were wrong.

    "pathological liar"

    Anyone who understands him and his technique.
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    The real issue with Grand Super Cycle is that he duplicates posts and threads in the most populated and over-utilized Forum on the website: "Trading".

    He is draining website resources, and crowding out more constructive and useful threads with his high frequency nonsense. The "Trading" forum is the headline forum section on the Main Page. And since the main page allows for only five thread titles per forum, the useful and constructive dialogue gets buried.

    Not a good situation.

    I would like to repeat my advice that another Forum be created exclusively to accomodate "Market Calls". Since this is shear brilliance, go ahead and comp me for the balance of my Sponsor fees for Calendar 2012. You're welcome !
  8. bone

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    Think about this carefully, because if Grand Super Cycle gets banned, we will have banished the most consistent and best performing contrarian indicator known to finance.

    And I am serious, his contrarian ROI metrics are stunningly good. Better than most Hedge Fund Portfolio Managers and Investment Professionals. His Sharpe Ratio is ridiculous because his drawdowns are so modest compared to the returns. And without leverage. Off the map. Crazy good.
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    If it's technically possible, he should be contained to his one thread: Market Outlook.
  10. Ok, I rarely even read, much less reply to the bullshit on this site, but gotta' say here, bone - this is just stomp-down hilarious!

    Well said!
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