Can UVXY/TVIX "malfunction" like XIV and SVXY?

Discussion in 'ETFs' started by Saltynuts, Feb 6, 2018.

  1. XIV is a bust, but SVXY, while injured, appears to be kicking strong. I think all s2007s is saying is that once this selloff has occured, and VIX is already so hight right now, it can't go TOO much higher. And in that cases buying SVXY might be a good course of action. I would agree that might be reasonable.
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  2. Maverick74


    The VIX went to 150 in 2008. We've only dropped 1/8th as much as that selloff. The VIX can go a LOT higher.
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  3. SVXY was busted just people can still trade it after busted
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  4. 100% WRONG!
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  5. Maverick, I feel like it did not get that high in 2008, only if you back tested to 1987. Thats what im seeing anyways. sound right?
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  6. srinir


    I think he was referring to VXO (previous incarnation of VIX) in 1987. CBOE incorporated VXO in early 90's, but early calculations of that method can be dated back to 1986, when brenner first constructed the index.

    Here is the data of past data of VXO and its cousin VIX
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  7. Thanks seinir. The only 150+ im seeing in that chart is back in 1987 correct?
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  8. srinir


    Yes. As i mentioned before it was based on the calculated values. VXO was launched in 1993.
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  9. Lose more than 90% in few minutes is not bust? You wants to use the term correction to describe it?
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  10. I suggest you re-read Saltynuts' post.

    He said XIV is bust. This is a fact. XIV has had an acceleration/termination event. It is bust, finished, gonski!

    SVXY, although smashed, has not had a termination event this time. It is not being terminated. It is not bust. Whether you should buy and hold it like a dufus is another question, but it is clearly not bust/terminated.

    Get your facts right.
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