can ts optimize the best timeframe

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  1. ts can opitmize parameter with a fixed time frame

    for example 1 min or 5min

    if the parameter is fixed

    can I optimize the best time frame?
  2. or any TS add-on can do the job?
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    I don't think so.

    There is a function BarInterval, but I don't think you can put it as input and optimize it.

    Here it is:

    BarInterval (Reserved Word)

    Reserved word that returns the bar interval for the type of data that an analysis technique is applied to.

    BarInterval is only valid when used on intraday, volume, and tick data. Returns minutes for intraday time-based bars, shares/contracts for volume-based bars, or tick count for tick-based bars.

    Condition1 = (BarInterval = 5)

    is a statement that will cause Condition1 to be true if the analysis technique is applied to a 5-minute intraday chart..

    CalcTime(Sess1StartTime, BarInterval)

    will add the bar interval to the start time of the asset in an intraday time-based chart.

    Additional Example
    CalcTime(Sess1EndTime, -BarInterval) returns the time of the last bar before the close of the trading session for an intraday time-based chart.

    I'm not sure. You may try it.
  4. no

    I have tried

    barinterval can not be optimized
  5. The answer is YES. But it is a little more involved than you may want to go.
  6. Pro_Trader720

    how to do the job?

    would you mind telling me more ?
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  8. Sorry I must have missed this.

    If you run a 1 minute chart in TradeStation, then you can simulate your own bars and store them in an array for calculations. Somewhere in the algorithm that is simulating bars you have an input for bar interval. The code will run annoyingly slow!
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    me too. But I didn't even know it was possible to optimize time frame.
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