Can TradeStation Talk Directly to IB?

Discussion in 'Automated Trading' started by Norm, Mar 7, 2006.

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    Can I use a TradeStation strategy, written in EasyLanguage, to execute orders with IB, without using an intermediate program (like HyperOrder or TradeBolt)?

    I know that I can insert DLL functions into EasyLanguage so that it will talk to HyperOrder in order to get HyperOrder to execute through IB. I am working on doing this now.

    So, it would seem likely that I should be able to access IB's API directly from within EasyLangauge as the strategy is being run on TradeStation. Maybe this could be done by inserting DLL function calls to IB into my EasyLanguage strategy (sort of like I am working on now to talk to HyperOrder- which then talks to IB). I would like to omit HyperOrder from the equation.

    Any comments on making TradeStation talk directly to IB, without using any third party software (like HyperOrder) would be appreciated.

  2. just21


    There is a tradesation clone from that works with IB. Called multicharts.
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    You will need some sort of 3rd party software in the middle. The simplest is to insert print statements into your strategy for the buy and sell signals. You can then either write your own interface to TWS, or use a front-end to handle that for you. I know that bracket-trader can do that, other IB front-ends probably can as well.

  4. You can run both through Excel. Use the GlobalVariable in Tradestation to push to can call it from VBA. Use IB's DDE in Excel to place your order....

    Or if you know how to use IB's ActiveX could just use a .NET program or something else. I never could get the ActiveX thing to work, but VBA is fairly straightforward
  5. Norm


    So, from the responses so far, it sounds like there is simply no way to get TS to talk directly to IB (such as by putting IB's API DLL calls into TS's EasyLanguage strategy).
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    Could TradeStation talk directly to X-Trader without a third party?
  7. Try this one...comes highly recommended with high ratings.

    Sure, the alternative to BUYING an interface is DEVELOPING one yourself....a daunting task.
    A DLL can be developed to interface Tradestation to IB's API - no problem....but why bother when there are already interfaces written and debugged ?
  8. TradeBolt

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    Hi Norm

    TradeBolt will let you interface directly with IB, with no changes needed in your TradeStation strategy.

    Syswizard quite correctly points out that you can write directly to IB's API without an in-between interface, but this is not nearly as straightforward as running 3rd party software that already does it for you.

  9. Tradebolt -
    Any chance of you supporting conditional or contingent orders in the near future ? OCO, OSO, cascades, etc, etc ?
    It can be done in Easy Language, but it's somewhat of a "bear".
  10. TradeBolt

    TradeBolt TradeBolt, LLC

    not as of right now but we are constantly adding new functionality and this may be possible in the near future
    #10     Mar 10, 2006