Can TradeStation auto-trade many stocks?

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    I am looking for a platform to auto-trade stocks intraday. I bought NinjaTrader, but it can only do it one by one, alright for the futures. But I can not scan the pattern for 1000 stocks every 30 minutes and auto-trade the ones that matches my pattern.

    I read and watched 3 hours about TradeStation, still could not figure out whether it can auto-trade many stocks intra-day. Can anyone share their experience and opinion?

    Thank you.
  2. it can, depends what you mean by many and trade.

    the best way to do it is with their radar product, otherwise you have to have charts open for each symbol. radar lets you trade many symbols in a grid and is multithreaded for better performance. in the past radar only let you "trade" indicators, not full strategies (i think this is where the radar name comes from, giving you a signal). this may have changed however i haven't used it in a while.

    the radar solution is still tradestation, so it works best for low frequency bar data.

    i think there are better alternatives for easy language and many symbols with multicharts. otherwise go with a professional closed source platform or an open source platform to max out your symbols and performance.
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    Multicharts is not really suited for trading portfolio of stocks post scanning intraday. Multicharts is just like TS in many ways - the framework is chart based.

    I haven't used it but possibly Amibroker will do what OP desires.
  4. multicharts is like tradestation except i know firms offer multicharts colocation and other high speed offerings w/it, so I figure there is another module or something not chart based like radar.

    i personally use to do this stuff.
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    I own multicharts. What do you mean that some firms offering colo with MC. I never heard about it before. Can you please name a few. Thank You.
  6. i've seen a number of companies that do it over years. I don't recall the names as I have never used any of them.
  7. Multicharts can not trade portfolios. It is confirmed by their developers.

    Amibroker can trade portfolios.
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    Just to share what I found out.

    me asking: Can your platform auto-trade a strategy on a scan result of 1000 stocks?

    TS reply:
    This is not currently possible through any conventional means within TradeStation. Please visit the TradeStation and EasyLanguage Support forms for clues on achieving this functionality.

    MC reply:
    In Regular version of MultiCharts it is impossible to use Market Scanner window for autotrading.
    It can be done in MultiCharts.NET with a custom C# script. You can find the example on this thread of our Discussion Forum:

    Technically this is possible by creating multi-series strategy.
    Cool! I havn't thought about that.

  9. I Currently do this with 400 stocks, that scans every 1 second. 3 strategies now that are NOT HFT . I use Excel,XLQ,IQfeed combo
    along with custom app that monitors orders/positions.

    I did spend a lot of time searching for this type of solution via
    NT,Amibroker and MC. All had something but none had everything.

    Anyway, it works for me and I did have a thought of offering
    it out as an end to end solution for quantitative traders. However, I trade fulltime and have not got my head around being a vendor.

    If there is interest with this type of setup (Broker neutral, low mkt impact, low frequency on +/- 500 stocks, scan/submit every second).
    You guys should let me know....You know "For traders by a trader"
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