Can traders make money here?

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  1. Its time to stay focused on why we are here. Picking the stocks and the levels keep us focused and allow us to be disciplined in our approach. When I stated that 10200 was our threshold while the market was running away it allowed us to trade and step out of the way in the nick of time. The next call was the 8000 level decline and then the bounce. Using these frontiers allow us to use discretion while the bus is approaching. So can traders make money? Yes we can and sure we will. The traders can trade on the buy side or the short side if they have a feel on the market. Forget the media and trade the momentum. Down 700 plus means up 1000 plus over a few days.
  2. A few years ago during the dot com boom we bought InfoSeek. at 4-6 dollars and it went to 86. The traders traded it and lost money but the investors made out like a bandit. The time for traders is now. The time for investors is now. One is a date and one is your wife. You dated your wife and thats the strategy. There is more money to be made here than anytime in history. The traders with the foresight to become small investors will become very rich in the next decade. I would dollar cost average on the Dogs of the Dow across the next 6 months with your personal capital and trade like the wind with your trading money. Elitetrader is the marketplace for the trader so when I state my riduculous statements here its to bring us back to reality about the strategies for the marketplace. If you are a trader who has great capital then your trades become more confident. If your trades are done with scared money you will lose at all times.

    Trade with the elite and keep the faith that we are the strongest market in the world. Also try not to let this marketplace get your cholestorol high. Work out and keep healthy. Skip the coffee and get some green tea. Uncertainty is the batter that traders make cake from. Let us all eat cake.
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  4. South West Airlines is going down........ This is a message to start the airline wars. Its coming .....