can tourists get into the nyse?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by AlmostGotIt, Dec 19, 2008.

  1. im going to nyc, i want to check out the nyse while im there, can I get inside? is there anything else worth checking out in the financial district?
  2. Not when I was there (2004),check the website under visitors,I think if it's like CBOT then you have to be on a class trip or something or know a member.
  3. JamesJ


    when i was there 1 year ago it was not possible.
    also went to nymex (world financial centre), there you could visit the trading floor if you had an invitation by a member, otherwise not.
  4. cstfx



    The only way to get in is if you are escorted by a member as their guest. Same holds true for NYMEX.
  5. MTE


    I visited the NYSE floor this summer and the only way to get in is if a member escorts you as pointed out by cstfx.
  6. You can experience the illusion of the trading floor by viewing a dinosaur display at a museum and even gain some "culture" in the process. :cool: