Can this man really be president?

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  1. he is almost as crazy as hillary or obama. talk about a bunch of whacko's. what a bunch of freak festivals.
  2. I think Romney is being held to a different standard than the other candidates. Did this talk show host for example grill McCain and Guliani about how they can square their faith with their private lives? Did he do it off mike and then post it? The whole affair seems unethical to me and I don't blame Romney for not wanting to have anything further to do with this guy.

    I'm not a Mormon for sure, but I'm not aware of anything in the LDS religion that would make Romney unfit to be president. If he were a muslim, I think that would certainly disqualfy him. But do we really want to select a president based on where his religion believes the Second Coming will be?

    Romney has an extensive record of public and private service that would be the envy of any candidate. There has never been even a hint of scandal in his public or private life. I am not aware of any incident in which his religion created a problem with his duties.

    I haven't decided to support Romney but I would be very comfortable with him as president. He has been a huge success at everything he has touched, and he has shown character and class in doing it.
    Romney's campaign posted the video on their YouTube page!!! Romney is a freak... he strapped his dog on top of his car and drove from boston to ontario. he is CFR all the way and lastly, he thinks Iraq is responsible for 9/11. he is lucky George Stephalottawuss shut his ass up during the debate before he made a bigger ass out of himself, when he started to attack Ron Paul.
  4. Romney's campaign knew the video was coming out anyway so they chose to put their own spin on it. I think it worked fo rthem.

    You can deride him as "CFR" but which major candidate isn't? Ron Paul is an interesting man with great moral and intellectual courage, but his chances are slim and none. Still, he has more money in the bank than McCain. He can no doubt last all the way to the end, which isn't great news for the other candidates since they haven't exactly been lighting up the polls.
  5. he did the interview... he made the statements.... i think anyone that whines about this needs a baby rattle and a pacifier.
  6. so bottomline it is vote for CFR or vote for a Patriot. sorta a no brainer if you ask me.
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    If Bill Clinton was Coke, Romney is Pepsi. (no reference to drugs intended). Romney is easily the most marketable of the bunch. Not sure what Hillary is, perhaps Preparation H.

    I'm hoping for a Democrat win in 2008. Two years denominated by leftists-lunatics and the country will swing back to the right so fast it will make their heads' spin.

    Four words: "Gays-in-the-Military". What a cause for Bill to champion right out of the box.

    Two words: "Universal Healthcare", and the 20% increase in payroll taxes it requires which cannot be hidden. Couple this with "Amnesty for 20 million criminals", and the Democrats might render the federal government obsolete.

    Oh to Dream... Oh to Dream!

    That's it for me. I won't say another damn word about the election, besides some commentary about the hysteria it inexplicably generates now-a-days.
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