Can these Commissions be true

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  1. I've heard of this figure $.20 / 1000 shares several times. Are there really firms that offer this or is this a scam. Don Bright I read once says he pays over $2.00 /1000.
  2. lescor


    They're true, but you will give up a percentage of your profits to get those rates.
  3. They're "ture" - sort of...more of a Canadian/Penson "ticket charge" plan, based on rebate trading, profit splits etc. (ala Swift etc.)...the numbers you quoted for me are abosulutely true.

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    That rate has been at one time or another available at the following firms (and certainly many more):

    Now keep in mind that this doesn't mean every trader gets that rate. I'm simply pointing out some places I've read/heard/known.

    Swift Trade (actually less than 0.20/1000)

    Title Trading

    Golden Market Management

    Global Market Trading

    JC Trading

    World Trade Securities

    First Nat