Can the US afford a war with Iran ?

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  1. Seems to me that the entire Iraq war was to stabilize the middle east and to promote commerce there.

    That would have been a great waste of lives and money if Iran where to compromise that stability.
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    I think Iran's going to be the obstacle that finally makes America's empire fall. Compared to Afghanistan they are actually an organized community and they actually have an organized army. Even though Afghanistan has an experienced Guerilla force that's used to fighting huge conventional armies they don't have the manpower to completely destroy the U.S army from what I know but more than likely Iran actually does.
  3. America can not afford to be POLICEMAN TO THE WORLD.

    We should pull our troops out of EVERYWHERE. Bring them home to defend USA borders, if necessary.

    Let the rest of the wold fight their own battles. We don't "need" allies like we did before our proficiency with nuclear weapons.

    If Middle-East squabbles cut off oil supplies from there, THEN we'll get religion about conservation and end our dependence.

  4. mebbe we can colonize Iran
  5. You mean can china afford a US war with Iran? US taxpayers haven't fully funded anything in this country since Clinton was president.
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    doeasnt Israel kill 3 arabs every time one Israeli is killed?

    Will this ever end?
  7. Might be easier to turn it into glass.
  8. It'd be a great way to extend US military timelines in the middle east. US can't bring home 500,000+ vets during a period of 9.5% unemployment, it'd be a debacle. It would also help to give another shot in the arm to US manufacturing. Build a bomb, blow it up, build's the order ticket that keeps on giving.

    Come on guys, this is a no-brainer...and we can let Israel do most of the dirty work.
  9. Hell NO! We can't afford the wars we're fighting now [well, they're not really wars... just police actions to defend commercial oil interests], how can we afford another? :mad:
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