Can the tiny house movement end homelessness?

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    Yeah that was weird in the video. But it is a great video nonetheless.

    No you are only adding one side of the equation. How about, once we get a dramatic lower cost of energy, it will be trivial to go into space and mine meteors and comets for untold wealth in commodities, energy related or otherwise.

    Fossil fuels are a bootstrap because Chemistry is easier than High Energy Physics to tame controlled reactions.
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  2. Go for the EB5! Those things are practically funding the explosive growth along the coast in deep south FLA.
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    That's exactly what I'm saying: that supply of thorium would last 1000 years at our current rate of consumption, which would quickly adapt to the much cheaper and abundant supply, making it false.

    Yeah, I'm not going to be creating 10 full-time jobs anytime soon.
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  4. You just need to invest into a project that employs people-- it was $500,000 when i was involved.
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  5. Definitely helpful!
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  6. NO; but every little bit helps.
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    I remember I saw a documentary on housing for the very poor, perhaps in India. They had cleverly converted old shipping containers. Looked quite cosey.
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    Perfect. Although the house inside the container is weird.

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  10. tiny homes for homeless..yeah they are called cardboard boxes
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