Can the tiny house movement end homelessness?

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    Agreed. And the carbon footprint on a tiny house is considerably less. Energy efficiency scales down as the ^3 of space. BTW, I don't think a 600 sq foot home is considered "tiny". I think the definition is less than 300^2/ft.

    My dream is to have a tiny house that collects rain water and treats it to drink. Then with a small fusion reactor the size of a suitcase, I can live anywhere. The only problem is waste.

    Maybe put my tiny house in Chilean mountains to do astronomy:

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    I know a guy that lives on his small yacht (a trader) for the past 8 years and I know another guy that lives on a "house boat" (a trader) for the past 20 years. Different laws, taxes and fees when comparing the two.

    Just in case someone doesn't know what is a "house boat"...

    Then there are other types of "house boats" that actually do move (travel) on the water in comparison to the ones at the link above because the other types are usually used in the leisure industry as hotels or small unique cruises you see out of Asia and India.
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    Imagine everyone get an idea to live in tiny house. Where are taxes, building jobs, land prices...

    empire is too poor to let this happen.

    RE agent looked at me with horror when I suggested that studio of 30m2 is perfect size for 2 empty nesters.

    Well, it is. Especially house of 30m2 in nice location and outdoors has it all.
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  5. Complete nonsense-- move to detroit, all the large homes you want for under $5000--- further more, why not just move into a studio apartment? just another dying fad
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    I assume you're missing at least one zero in there.
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    Clickbait title: there's no mention of said car in the entire video, the thumbnail isn't even from the video itself.

    I also chuckled at "we will never run out" (of thorium). :) Because of course, once we get a dramatically lower cost for energy, we'll find ways to skyrocket our consumption accordingly into a new equilibrium (just look at computer processing power or data storage capacity).
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    Now all I need is an immigrant visa (the current political climate must make this pretty easy, huh...) and a huge renovation budget that'll nullify the apparent savings. ;)
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