Can the tiny house movement end homelessness?

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    Yikes, the $7k is like a six month project, they are not like for average American people, everything is in them is like for pigmies, doors are thin and narrow, everything is thin. For $7k, not going to get much or any insulation. Most of these tiny homes go for $25k and up. I know if I attempt to build this, it be harder than building standard small building, plus I believe most of them are on frames you drive down the road. Plus, hope your knees are solid as sleeping seems to always be lofts that you crawl into. I would need an elevator, LOL. If I was to consider smaller living, I would refurbish smaller freight cargo trailers, like coming out of China, most have good solid flooring, and thicker walls. I think you can buy these out of Houston for $2,500, get blueprints of small home to get idea of cabinets, etc. Some builders where I live are making regular homes out of these and even Starbucks in Wash St are using them to make coffee.

    I have had crazy ideas like buying 50 of them and renting out as hunting mini lodges out in boonies.
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    Aesthetics matter to all but us engineer types, and even we have moments of weakness. You're going to have a hard time getting anyone to think a conex box is anything but ugly. You can convince at least a few people a tiny house is cute.
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    Almost any "tiny" house you see, you can shape the Container into that shape. I quit going to school long ago to be an engineer, not hot women in the classes back then. But my family were all different kinds of contractors, Masonry, Carpentry, Electrical, so I was used and abused often but learned what can be done, you can brick veneer the outside, though then can't be relocated, or cedar outside, put in removable 2nd floors, it is amazing changes you can do in construction, can even slice Lincoln log in half and make it look like he was born in it.
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    Minnesota homeless offered tiny houses, built by students

    "...The same philosophy is embraced in Ogilvie, Minn. where Bill and Brenda Campbell own a hidden 80 acres a little over an hour north of the Twin Cities.

    They call their beloved land "The Sanctuary Minnesota" and are launching a tiny home community...\

    "Our little motto is, come share in our solitude," said Bill Campbell.

    The Campbells initially were bit by the "tiny bug" when they built a 240 square foot yoga and writing retreat for a friend. They used found and reclaimed items and kept the budget under $9,000 total, an experience so rewarding, the Campbells had another sizable idea.

    They are launching a tiny home village, a community compromised of six to ten tiny homes, with shared community space. Residents would have access to the Campbell's lodge and event center.

    "We still want the balance of people in tiny houses with the nature, said Brenda Campbell.

    Lots would be private and surrounded by nature. Residents who own their own tiny homes would pay $300 a month for a lot, discounted by $100 if they contribute to labor on the property. People also have the option to stay in a bunkhouse and build their own tiny homes on the property, paying $400 a month, discounted to $300 again if they contribute to helping out the community..."
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    Misleading headline: for $7K you get a trailer frame, partial sub-floor and plans including a list of materials to purchase to build it yourself. It's more of a $30-50K project, even DIY.
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    boat is alternative to tiny house option. It appears in US people living on boats are not welcome using standard excuses. I believe same attitude will apply to tiny house movement.

    Even if group of people prepared to buy land and put there number of tiny houses, legislation will, i am sure, prohibit this option with number of laws.

    just the way things are in empire.
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    I'm not sure about that. A tiny home isn't that much different from a "mobile" home, which afterall doesn't exceed 600 square feet. As long as the city can collect taxes on the property, the higher density should make up for the lower individual value.
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    Shipping containers make excellent homes with a bit of work done on them.
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