Can the tiny house movement end homelessness?

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  1. tomorton


    At least the sooner we can get house-building out of the hands of house-builders we'll all be happier and better off with better homes.

    But houses are not the solution to homelessness.
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  2. ktm


    There are studies out there that suggest that nearly 90% of the homeless have significant mental health and/or substance abuse issues. I've met lots of these folks and heard their stories and I would say this is likely true. Like a lot of things in this country, the problem looks quite simple - but it isn't.
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  3. Humpy


    There is another solution. Instead of having lonely people living in small spaces, the kibbutz system allows much more inter mingling and coordination of a farm/ranch/factory. The children could be schooled and looked after by the people not working directly on the farm etc. Maybe communal eating/entertainment/living space too.
    There is a major problem in today's towns and cities of lonelyness. Especially of old retired people. But in the kibbutz system they would be gainfully employed rather than just sitting at home on their own.
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    Humpy you are right, there should be programs like these you have suggested to help these people and their families so they can become producers again. There are studies that suggest that loneliness affects cognitive function. The Kibbutz system is a wonderful idea. It would provide a safe zone for these people (elderly and young) and help them during rehabilitation. Often times these people would bounce back fairly quickly. Many American Israelis to send there troubled children back to Israel to get straitened out. This is definitely something we should have here in the US.
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  5. johnnyrock


    The very fact that the house is small makes it easy to heat, provided the insulation is adequate (insulation is rather cheap compared to the rest of the house).

    Insulation is the most cost effective solution to lowering your electric bill for any size home.
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  6. johnnyrock


    For $75 you can purchase the plans to build a pallet house. This idea is being offered as a solution to the refugee problem overseas.

    This may be a better option for those who are unable, or just not willing, to take care of the place.

    On a positive note, it is a great way to upcycle Americas waste.

    Coming soon: The Drop Out Inn
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  7. Zodiac4u


    I actually like that one, if your not in a hurricane zone.
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  8. modern


    In general, it’s a good idea. But the majority of homeless people do enjoy their way of life, so they would hardly be able to keep the house in good condition.
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  9. tomorton


    ".....the majority of homeless people do enjoy their life......"

    This is a new one on me. But perhaps when others use the term "homeless", you think they mean "non-domiciled for tax purposes"?
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