Can the SEC Beat Goldman Sachs?

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  1. News that the Securities and Exchange Commission filed a civil suit against Goldman Sachs has sent the investment bank's stocks reeling. But are investors overreacting?

    To be sure, the case is bad news for Goldman, which has come under fire recently for its handling of mortgage-backed securities during the downturn. Even so, experts agree that the SEC will have to navigate a legal minefield in order to win a verdict against Goldman.

    "I do think it's winnable, but it's a very complex case," says Jacob Zamansky, the founder of the New York-based financials and securities law firm Zamansky & Associates. "The SEC is going to have to do its homework." [read full article]
  2. oh what's wrong poor boy

    you were long GS amidst SEC and criminal probe

    you broke the cardinal rule of trading not to be long a company that is under heavy investigation

    you deserve your loses
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  4. Simply put ... NO

    GS might get a rap ... maybe a fine ... "Cost of doing Business."

    Big money manipulators have been doing this for a long long time ...
    rarely are the real culprits behind the scenes held to account.

    So ... they simply won't be beat. Period.
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