Can the Federal Government Do Anything Right?

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  1. Can the Federal Govt do anything right? I mean that as a serious question. I just read this article about what they've done with all the Fed Gas Tax monies and it just makes we want to cry and throw some tea into a river or something.

    And all you Government-Lovers out there? What is it you love? What do the feds do for you that actually like and think is a good idea?

    Let me word that a different way: what haven't the boys in Washington completely screw up?
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    USPS and the military. That's it!
  3. Let me give you some insight, which many are unable to comprehend.

    If think you it's a screw up, then you're just letting yourself be hoodwinked. It's all by design.
  4. USPS is partly privatized nowdays, but even prior, USPS was still more reliable & cost effective than UPS. Nowdays, I beg for companies to not use UPS. Fed-ex is reasonable and DHL rocks, but they do charge significantly more.
    I still find USPS to be the best choice, hands down.

    Military, lol, you can find endless "screw ups". If you look through Vietnam war execution and Iraq war, it's endless decisions & actions that seem to make more sense. But if you look deeper, it all makes sense. People think USA lost the Vietnam war because of backlash at home? Nonsense. Ask yourself, why would the military strategy in Vietnam consist of strict rules like:

    1) Can't attack enemy radar sites until they are fully operational
    2) Unable to cross enemy line to finish the job
    3) Unable to bomb many key enemy military/industrial sites, particular new ones soon to go online

  5. There is no person on planet earth with a low enough intelligence and character to come up with bastardized, short-sighted, incompetent and chaotic mess that the Federal government has given the American people.

    To plan one repeated fiasco after another would simply be impossible. Well, the Cubs and the Cardinals have made me wonder sometimes...
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    Don't get me wrong. I understand what you are talking about. But, a lot of that is because of the politicians.

    But, my answer was more focused toward the strength of the military and the dedication of our all-volunteer military. We have the best on the planet, period.

    I realize there are multitudes of red tape, politics, etc. in the military, but when push comes to shove, we are unequaled. I can only respect them in this regard.
  7. Very true. But it gets much trickier to argue that the federal government has prudently used the military.

    And the ultimate example is Robert McNamara during the Vietnam War. If ever we were disgraced by a beauracrat, this is it!
  8. I find it quite ironic that we elect the very people (republicans) who don't believe in the Federal Government to run the Federal Government and then act surprised that they don't do a good job. It's like asking religious preachers to prove evolution they don't believe in and use their inability/unwillingness to prove evolution as evidence of creationism.

    Anyway, how about the US Military for starters. Remember, every american soldier is a federal employee. But of course there are a lot of other pretty decent programs and agencies - FAA, FDIC, Medicare, Social Security. None of them is of course perfect, they can all be improved and streamlined but then again no private business is perfect either.
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    I saw a Washington insider on TV once describe the FAA as the most inefficient, incompetent, poorly run agency in the entire federal bureaucracy. With over 25 years of dealing with them first hand, I have to agree.
  10. And I spoke with a Washington insider who believes in Martians and thinks that George W. Bush is the second coming. Seriously, what kind of an argument is that, an anonymous Washington insider making baseless claims... What he says is not a fact, it's nothing more than an opinion of one obscure person.

    I am not familiar with the FAA of course but IMO their record speaks for itself, the US aviation is still one of the safest in the world. I have no doubt the FAA can be leaner and meaner than it is right now but that can be said about any public or private entity. Moreover if you were to come up with a country which aviation is better or safer that ours it will still be run but the federal government of that country.
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