Can the DOW be referred to as "The Big Board"

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  1. Can the DOW be referred to as "The Big Board"?

    The local news keeps referring to the DOW as "The Big Board". But as far as I know the NYSE is "The Big Board" and the DOW is "The Dow" and should be called "The Dow", not "The Big Board".

    DOW = "The Dow"
    Nasdaq = "The Nasdaq"
    NYSE= "The Big Board"

    Am I right on this?
  2. yes and who cares
  3. Yes to: "Can the DOW be referred to as "The Big Board"?"

    Or yes to: "Am I right on this?"

  4. I need some feedback on this. They keep calling the Dow "The Big Board", they should be using the proper terms and calling it "The Dow".

    This is EliteTrader, someone must know the answer.

  5. You're right, your local reporters are wrong, and nobody cares.
  6. No you're wrong because no one cares? Spend more time trading and less time posting stupid shit. And just because this place is named elitetrader don't mean diddly-squat!
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    The truth is nobody knows. That's why you're getting the vicious attacks. Personally, I have no idea, but then again, I never watch TV.