Can taking Drugs Enhancer make you a Better Trader?

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    Alternative Question. What if instead of taking cognitive enhancing drugs you can stimulate your mind to make the drug?

    Hi all,

    I want to share a current project I'm working on because this project was born from my experience here as a trader. I have stated in the past on here that I was using meditation tones to cognitively enhance my brain for peak trading performance. Now I've figure out a theory on how's it works. So here's an infographic I've made.

    Basically, DMT is a psychedelic drug that has cognitive enhancing properties but it's classified as a Schedule 1 drug like LSD. However I've found a way to stimulate your mind to make DMT naturally using meditation tones. Which gives you a deep meditation state that allows you to be a more disciplined and better trader. Or it can make you a smarter trader. It's what I used as my main edge.

    I have more information. If interested let me know.

    There are scientific research that supports this with psychedelics drugs like DMT triggering the brain to make neurological connections. For example this video:

    How Magic Mushrooms Affect Your Brain from Science Insider

    Pineal Gland - The Gateway to Expanded Consciousness - The Human Brain Series

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  2. maxinger


    The writeup looks interesting.

    Have you tried this drug?
    Does it improve your concentration and calmness?
    Does it helps you to be mindful and think consciously?
  3. jinxu


    I haven't taking the drug (DMT). But people who had reports having deep spiritual experiences. One famous spokesmen is Joe Rogan who has some podcasts about the subject. For me I haven't experience any hallucination, but I think it's because I'm doing it in sleep and am therefore unconscious when the DMT is released. The best I've gotten were strange and vivid dreams.

    Yes, when I am able to trigger deep sleep it gives me a deep meditation mental state where a lot of cognitive abilities are enhanced. The best way to describe it is this article:

    26 Superhuman Benefits of Meditation (With Studies)

    And yes, I can use the meditation tones during trading for a small edge. It can gives you a slight better focus.
  4. REDP1800


    1. if you cannot trade and do all the things you seek without drugs then just quit. You will build a tolerance and eventually burn out completely.
    2. those ethnogenics are not meant to be used for profit and go ahead eventually they will show you how swallow and worthless you really are in the World.
    3. i have read recently of entrepreneurs trying to trademark or Copyright psilos and derivatives and it is really sickening to think that you trip once or twice and all of a sudden it is a pathway for you and profit. i say.
    4. go ahead and take them. the more that take them thr better because it will help the mental health of our sick society.
    5. your charts will look super colorful and move around a lot but it wont make you a better trader.
    6. you are better off drinking alcohol and trading because that cup of courage will get you to doing bigger size in a curry, but is it with looking your body.
    7. Adderall which is really meth made in a lab and over prescribed for profit is an epidemic with millenials and others. Adderal probably would help your trading but you will hey addicted. true story. met a millenial dude thru business. he was so up and down it was weird. then one way he said i will be gone for a couple days. ok hay. well my de. is in tennessee and i cant get a script for my addy!! not kidding. its professional meth.

    in the end you still have to deal with the consequences of your actions and realize at some point that your search and struggle to be a mega successful trader starts with you and your ability. no drug is going to fix it. yeah a bandaid on cáncer for 1 green week.

    new and struggling traders need to lower their expectations and be happy making 500 or 1000 a week. no one makes big money in the beginning of any business. it takes years but no guarantees of course. start trading small and practice live.

    stuff like this post shows the sheer desparation people have as they fail and dont understand because on élite and fb and Twitter everyone is killing it. lol. not true. 90% are losing they just lie. it is a futile attempt to short cut the long path to understanding the mkt. 90% who lose think Tech análysis is the mkt. most lose and think they know the mkt when they know nothing about the how or why or when things happen. always complaining..can u believe it did that..omg. this is can it go up why? if asking these questions then stop trading and start learning what and how the mkt really works.
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    Drugs can make you feel like a great trader, problem is your discipline & focus will take a big nose dive eventually.

    What works is having passions outside of trading, especially if they get your endorphins fired up & get you outdoors. This is vital to be a good trader. Turn off the puter & go outside. Traders need the outlet.

    My trading records show that my profits rise during times when I am the most active doing my ocean sports.

    DMT will rock your world, you may end up giving away all your material possessions and living barefoot off the grid. A girl on Maui recently went for a 10 minute hike on a well marked trail to a waterfall to do DMT & meditate, she was lost for 17 days in the jungle!
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    Right mister.
    I wouldn't dare try it
    even if someone has tried it and swear that it works.

    Mind problem should be fixed with mind alone and not drugs.
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  7. jinxu


    Did you even read what I posted in the OP?

    This is literally the very first one or two sentences:

    What if instead of taking cognitive enhancing drugs you can stimulate your mind to make the drug?
    However I've found a way to stimulate your mind to make DMT naturally using meditation tones. (Instead of taking drug)

    Meaning I took no drugs to do this.
  8. jinxu


    So I click on that article you linked. Not sure why you reference it because it says:

    1. The "girl" is 35 years old. Meaning she's more like a woman then a girl.
    2. The article is only a page long but I don't see anywhere that mentions she was taking DMT or to meditate??

    And P.S.

    Most people who want to try out DMT do what's call ayahuasca which comes from South America. Not going hiking in Hawaii.
  9. It may make you think you're a better trader. If that works for you, go for it. Report back to us on your results. Be good for a laugh ...
  10. jinxu


    Sure. No problems. I already have them ready to post. But you post yours first and I'll post mine. I already said this before but I think 95% of traders are losers so I already know you won't do it.
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