Can Spikey make 1 point a day in the ES?

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  1. I will start posting next week to prove that making 1 point a day in the ES is achievable
    Due to the holiday period I will probably not trade every day, but the postings will give an idea whether I can make 1 point a day or not.
    I will post the entries and the exits in real time. The time used will be the exchange time, so CDT I think it is. There will be a delay in the postings because I first want to have the real trades done before I post. Delay should be under 3 minutes.

    For what it’s worth: I went short at 08.37
  2. Ebo


    What holiday are we observing next week?
  3. ????
  4. I'm taking holidays till end of august.

    Short at the exchange time which was 08:37 CDT
  5. So what? Where is your entry price? Do you know that the price of ES can change more than 1 pt during one minute, so telling us the entry time only can be virtually useless?
  6. Very much looking forward to this and I'm rootin for ya Spike!

    - The New Guy
  7. Depends how long he plans on holding these trades. If he's consistently up a point by the time he posts the trade, then yeah, looks fishy. If it's unmoved, or moved against but then makes his point later, don't you think there's worth to that?

    - The New Guy
  8. I am looking forward to your journal. That 1 pt a day average thread comes up about once a year. I hope your journal will be a reference guide when the 1 pt a day mental ceiling arises again.

    I would also like to apologize for my last post to you. I was in a bad mood and for some reason I thought it would be ok to vent in ET.

    Thanks for taking the time with this journal.
  9. Yesterday i made a trade that lasted 3 hours and 15 minutes. Will the three minutes make such a difference?

    There was only one thing that kept me ( and probably others) from doing these kind of threads: people that start being negative and trying to break down attempts even before the first real time posting has been done.
    If you scalp, 3 minutes difference are huge.
    If you make trades that last several hours the 3 minutes won't have much impact on the result.

    On top of that i said MAXIMUM 3 minutes, so i can be 1 minute also.

    But no problem, this will be one of the shortest threads on ET.

    I don't need this thread, it's only putting an extra charge on me.
    It was meant as a kind of entertainment but i'll leave it to others.

    BTW i 'm already long now. But that's probably worthless also, so I'll stop posting.
  10. Can you PM me instead of this journal then? I wont be negative, and I was really interested in seeing this....


    - The New Guy
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