Can someone verify. Are public schools teaching that Government Bailout is good

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  1. If it is true that kids are being taught that Government Bailout and FED is a very good thing.

    that means future generations have no choice but follow government propaganda. This is communism and dictatorship.
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    Meh, this seems like isolated cases he's targeting to me rather than the full blown system. Though he does make some good points historically about the system.

    I will vouch however from my own experiences that schools in the UK at least teach that the great depression happened because of 'lack of confidence' in the markets. The history textbooks I read mentioned absolutely nothing about the federal reserve or the possibility that the U.S government was printing money in order to spend their way out of debt.

    This is just my understand and paranoia around politics but I also think that schools often find that labelling low achieving students as dropouts or troublemakers is far easier than actually helping them. I did nothing but low achievement in school for the large amount and strangely enough the moment I did something they didn't like they exaggerated the fuck out of it to my parents. I think the only time I've been genuinely disrespectful to a teacher was when I was having a really tough day in my last school and I flipped out on a teacher who was being a jackass and lecturing me and I just walked out and slammed the door because I couldn't be bothered dealing with him.

    The education is indeed a pile of bollocks and there are cases where you get some extreme assholes and arrogant shitheads in there and I've even had to deal with them. I do actually think as Rand Paul mentioned about the healthcare system that there are some genuinely ideological people who are the only ones holding the mess together.
  3. Thanks for your post but I am asking for US not UK
  4. Are they serious about it? That would be ridiculous if those were true. That is just so lame.
  5. they already do say government bailouts are good.

    its call the NEW DEAL by FDR
  6. Yes, this appears to be the Liberal Left's influence in education.. :mad: :mad:

    Personally, I say... "provide for yourself and your family. If you will not or can not, just put a bullet through your brain. Society doesn't need you to be a drain on social resources... sucking on the teat of the productive".

    You don't like that? Then become a winner yourself!!

    Grandpa's Wisdom... "Get off of your ass and DO something... the world doesn't owe you a living"...
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    get with it. the trend is your friend. the US government likes unproductive people. put everybody on the gov't payroll. the meek shall inherit the earth and all of that. isn't it fun to steal from your neighbor. isn't is fun for congress to think of new ways to steal from the bourgeoisie.
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    good one! :p
  9. its not the government printing persé.

    It's printing in general

    What we see is just a repeat of history. Even in 1870 there was speculation by Joe Plumber. In Austria (big land at that time) because of increased irrigation and allot of other advances grain production severely increased and led to a huge economic development. However banks started to lend too much credit AKA print too much fake money, and in a few years a building in vienna was worth as much as 10 buildings in say london. People started too speculate too much in buildings.

    This house of cards came tumbling down when America had finished it railroads and started exporting more and more grain. Eventually austria losts the export race with america. This was the biggest depression in history.

    See my point, 1930 was biggest depression in history. but before that something else was.

    It's very likely 2030-2050 will be biggest depression in history once again.

    History repeats itself. When the common man starts speculating there will be a huge boom and subsequently should be a bust.
    this time it started in 1980 with the IRA, this is connected with the baby boomers. It's all connected. This boom lasted over 30 years already, with small recessions in 2002 and 2008. The bust may be as big as the Japan bust, but worse, because there's nowhere to export to

    Once the baby boomers retire that's when it really happens. ITS ALL CONNECTED! EVERY time common man speculated and it is connected with a big boom, there was a bust in history