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  1. When the USA gets attacked, terrorism or otherwise, we basically wipe them out until they stop. Look at how we're dealing with Al Qaeda. Any place they are, we're trying to get them.

    Israel gets attacked by these Hamas people all the time and the USA seems to hold back Israel from responding with too much force. The USA should give Israel the go ahead to OBLITERATE Hamas and all these other fuckers.

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    because Israel has repeatedly failed to comply with UN Resolutions by occupying Palestinian land.

    Have you not realised that one of the principal reasons the US is so despised in the Middle East is because it appears that the US is citing UN resolutions as justification to invade Iraq, whilst bank-rolling Israel's unlawful behaviour to the Palestinians?
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    ...ohmygosh, I had never thought of that!

    But those UN Resolutions were different. And besides, most of Europe was in favor of the creation of the State of Isreal - they thought it would be a great place to dump Jews, so they wouldn't have to deal with them. The Jews killed the baby Jesus, don't you know.

    Of course had they not killed Him it would have messed up God's plan to save me, but that's beside the point. And anyway, we need the Jews and the Camel jockeys fighting it out so that Armageddon will come real soon, and then Jesus will come back and take me to Paradise and send all the Jews and Moslems to the Lake of Fire, because Jesus likes me better. So I don't think that God wants the UN to really inforce the UN Resolutions anyway, 'cause it might mess up his plan for the Tribulation and stuff.

    What was the question, again?
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    Maybe, just maybe all arab countries want to wipe out Israel and USA does not let them do it. Maybe that explains arab hostilities towards USA, not some stinking resolutions. Maybe the fact that Arabs started 3 wars against Israel in the last 60 years and lost all of them explains why the palestinian land was occupied in the first place.

    Maybe just maybe the palestinian inability to negotiate peace in good faith after losing the wars can explain the situation. Maybe the fact that as soon as Israel withdraws from the territories, they immediately become hotbed of terror can shed some light on Israeli occupation.

    Maybe Europeans should start seeing beyond their nose for a change and stop being stupid, ignorant and short-sighted. Maybe they shoud stop equating Bush and Hitler, Israel and Iraq and finally understand that they keep supporting the bad guys against the good guys, tyrannies and murderers agains democracies. Or maybe this is some kind of "Mad European Desease" and there is no cure.
  5. Israel is a sovereign nation. It doesn't need permission from the U.S. to act.
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    It's all Maria Theresa's fault.

  7. Yeah, but Israel likes knowing the USA will back them up and the USA does suggest to them not to retaliate too much. So they don't do it because of the USA's pressure. Why does the USA put that pressure on them though? That's not how the USA would act if they were attacked all the time.

  8. "the first place"? you mean when the jews started pouring in (by the boatload, c turn of the century) and occupying what was basically arab soil for, oh, the past fifteen centuries?
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    If you want to go so far back in history, what you are describing happened "in the second place", or maybe in seventeenth. What happened "in the first place" is described in the bible - jewish state with capital in Jerusalem.

    You are right, in the beginning of the previous century the jews started arriving by boatloads, but they did not steal or occupy the land, they obtained it then using all LEGAL means possible. They settled on the land which did not belong to anybody with the permission of local authorities, they bought the land from local arabs. It did not cost much then, it was a desert. It still is in arab territories BTW.

    At any rate the whole 2K year history of the conflict is way too complicated to discuss here. Both sides have legitimate grievances, but if Arabs keep basing their policy on premises that the Jews stole their land and the only "fair" solution is to drive them into the sea, the situation will never be solved.

    In my original post I was just trying to say the Arab hatred of USA has nothing to do with UN resolutions and has everything to do with USA helping Israel to survive as a state. You response states the Arab point of view. I do respect it but it pretty much confirms my conclusion.
  10. The resolutions with which Israel (like anyone else) has "failed to comply" are mainly those ludicrous General Assembly resolutions - like the infamous "Zionism is Racism" resolution of years back... you know, when the world's assembled dicatorships, satrapies, and failed states get together and "democratically" resolve that someone they don't like should do something that people they do like can get away with. As for UN Security Council resolutions, the US and others (though mainly the US) have prevented anything resembling the many Iraq resolutions (in terms of precision and enforceability, among other things) from having been passed against Israel.

    The UN is not a world government. If it were a world government, it wouldn't be anywhere close to legitimate.

    As for "bankrolling... unlawful behavior," how would you characterize the offering of substantial cash bonuses to the families of suicide bombers, as in the case of Hussein, or providing weapons, explosives, and other support as practiced by many allies of the PLO or PA?

    And what particular "unlawful" behavior on the part of Israel did you have in mind? Needless to say, Israel has been very far from perfect in its behavior, but why is it so easy for Europeans to ignore the fact that, overall, its behavior remains much more "lawful" than that of its enemies or than the vast majority of its critics?
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