Can someone tell me why market is betting on a .75% cut in March??

Discussion in 'Trading' started by The Kin2, Feb 1, 2008.

  1. 75 bps : 20%
    50 bps : 45%
    25 bps : 25%
    No cut : 10%

    Something big is gonna blow up between now and March which will force the fed's hand.
  2. geez already talking about the march cut? give it a rest, go outside, enjoy the sunshine. Worry about the march cut in march...
  3. Ya, jeez, don't plan ahead. Who does that?
  4. you can't time the market
    [/braindead academic]
  5. ?........the reason?.......the "excuse de jour"?.........uh, um, about massive mortgage resets indexed to short-term interest rates? The crazy thing would be that the LIBOR rate stays flat or goes higher while Fed Funds move lower! We'll see.
  6. Fed Funds Rate futures are a bubble.

    Now it doesn't really matter if the Fed DO lowers rates that much.
    What matters is that many people -fool people- are betting on it, and you can make money; by selling your futures before the Fed meeting of course.
  7. Planning ahead = timing the market :confused:
  8. S2007S


    Cant worry about the march cut in just cant, you have to talk about it every single day because thats what wallstreet is all about, RATE CUTS, RATE CUTS, RATE CUTS. The bulls want more, they have to understand that you can only CUT rates for so long, they will realize this when the economy is in a recession and cutting rates wont make a difference. So let the media rejoice and talk rate cuts like a broken record just so they can prop the markets up.....

    by the way its TIME TO SELLLLLL THIS RALLY....

    market is up on hype...