can someone tell me what can i do with my economics degree

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  1. :confused: almost finished my economics degree, not sure what direction to go in- any suggestions?
  2. Think.
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    economics degree ? No idea ... I would advise anyone against getting one and instead try to do something useful with their life.
    And you don't need one to trade either ...
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    Burn it.................

    Not worth much, IMHO
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  6. Join Bernankes PPT.
  7. Bernanke's PPT has failed. Join the FDIC. You get to travel all over the country taking over banks. Excellent growth potential.
  8. An econ degree is a great degree but it alone will probably just get you a job as a loan officer in a bank.

    My suggestion is to continue forward with an MBA and possibly get a doctorate. I have a friend that has an MBA and a doctorate and he is raking in the cash working for a consultant firm. He is also in the process of writing a book-- a lot of money to be made there.

    Most people just want to get out of school, but now is the time to buckle in and finish it up. It gets harder to do later in life.

    As far as trading, you can do both; just put a higher priority on education right now.
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