Can someone tell me the symbol for chinese Index Futures ?

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    Anyone trading chinese markets ?

    I am backtesting various markets & I need to know the symbols for its main Index futures & couple of other major high volume stocks or futures on stocks or anything else that has high volume.

    Also can an US citizen trade chinese market ?

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    You should contact your data vendor for those symbols and/or use Google (it is listed) to get symbols. Just be aware that one data vendor will have a different symbol identity in comparison to a different data vendor. For example, one data vendor may use only letters as symbols, another may only use numbers as the symbol while another may use letters with numbers as a symbol.

    Check out any website that list stocks on the Shanghai Stock Exchange.

    In contrast, there are lots of Chinese companies listed on the U.S. stock market (symbols via letters only). I believe a few hundred of them. In addition, don't forget that you can trade China exchange traded funds.

    It's all there on Google to easily research @

    Therefore, yes, its obvious that a U.S. citizen can trade China's stocks that are listed on the U.S. stock exchange. In contrast, if you want to trade China's stocks that only trade on China's stocks'll need to find a global trading broker that allows such.
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    I use eSignal for data.

    I tried both Google & eSignal.

    There is no mention of China on eSignal symbol directory.

    Asia / Pacific Futures
    Australian Securities Exchange (ASF)
    Bombay Stock Exchange Futures (BOF)
    Dalian Commodity Exchange (DCE)
    Bursa Malaysia Derivatives (BMD)
    Hong Kong Futures Exchange (HKF)
    Multi Commodity Exchange of India (MCX)
    National Commodity & Derivatives Exchange (NCD)
    National Stock Exchange of India (NSE)
    Osaka Securities Exchange (OSM)
    SAFEX South Africa Futures Exchange (SAF)
    Singapore Exchange (SGX)
    Sydney Futures Exchange (SFE)
    Taiwan Future Exchange (TIX)
    Tokyo Stock Exchange (TPX)
    Tokyo Grain Exchange (TGE)
    Tokyo Commodity Exchange (TOCOM) (TCM)

    I gauess I am a terrible Googler.

    I will try again.

    Many Thanks
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    I hope you realize that you can call eSignal tech department for the exact symbol if you're unable to locate it on your own because the list you posted above is a "generic code" of the exchanges...not the specific symbols for the Index. Further, your list is old...looks like something from many years ago that I had saw. I say that because the old list from years ago didn't have "Shanghai Stock Exchange" (China) nor "Hang Seng Index" (Hong Kong) whereas a list a saw a few months ago did have the "Shanghai Stock Exchange" and the "Hang Seng Index".

    I use eSignal too and its there for both China's exchanges Shanghai Stock Exchange and Shenzhen Stock Exchange. I know because I called them several months ago about a different exchange and the guy gave me the wrong symbol for Hang Seng Index. Instead he had given me the symbols for Shanghai, Shenzhen, A-share and B-share Index along with many other Chinese Indexes. :D

    I can't remember them but they worked. Yet, I do remember China's Index had numbers in the symbology for China's exchanges.
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    Those symbols are from the current webbpages of eSignal symbol directory.

    Most of them are pretty old.

    I have called their support & they are looking at the same webpages that you & I do. hey don't have a private fully updated list so what is the point in calling them & be on hold for 10 to 20 minutes ?

    They don't care for their customers, otherwise they would have looked at this question & answered it since this forum is sponsered by eSignal.

    I have also tried their own forum called eSignal central & they gave wrong symbols there too.

    Do you think I look good by posting a question on this forum without Googling first & then searching data vendor's website ?

    Elite Trader is really an elite trader's forum with many very intelligent & helpful traders & I appreciate their help.

    If you find that symbol on eSignal's website, I would really be shocked.
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    Thank You. Really appreciate it.

    I still can't find Chins's main future Index & eSignal symbol for it.

    While I was at it, I also looked for Australian ASX 200 Index futures symbol for eSignal & I can't find that either. The one they listed is wrong too.

    Neither Singapore strait times index futures.

    eSignal symbol directory is a joke.

    I also tried really hard on Google too with no luck.

    Any ideas ?

    eSignal are you there OR just too busy luring new clients ?
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    This is a reasonable site for looking for symbols - charts etc

    The symbol for ASX200 futures is 'SPI'
    Whether eSignal have it - don't know.
    SPI is extremely difficult to find on internet.
    IB have it.
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    Thanks themickey.

    All of those are great for cash indices.

    I think only eSignal would hopefully know what their futures symbols are but they are well known for their disregard for their customers & hence their own Forum has almost died after many people complaining & many knowledagle people on the forum got tired of helping other members & doing their dirty work. Just read their 4 or 5 years back posts & you know what I mean.

    Having wrong symbols dating back 5 to 7 years on their current symbol directory is a shame & they should update them real soon.

    Just a warning : They will come up & say we are sorry & we will do it soon but they never do. Just ask people on their forum. I have been thru it thousand times.
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