can someone start a POLL...who is the best trader or gives best trading insight at ET

Discussion in 'Trading' started by increasenow, Nov 14, 2007.

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    Um.....Kinda strikes me funny as to why you bothered to register here......I mean, uh, since you don't care what others think or feel. :confused:
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  2. realist is a real bad ass, look for him in the metals forums
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  3. My post does not ask what others think or feel about me so your offer is nice but unnecessary.

    But my post makes the most sense here. If you cannot open a question to the public or you are so dependent on what others think as Increase is, you do not have the traits to trade well. I do not need a poll to tell me what to trade or who to listen to, I can read different posts and see which makes sense and which, like yours is trash.

    My words are direct and harsh, but it does not make it any less true.
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  4. acrary was very informative about system development. a good name to add to a Poll.
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  6. Doesn't make it true either.
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  7. Prove them wrong then, polling a small sample here on what they do each morning or evening or who they s hould listen to is a follower's mentality.

    If you have the time, simply browse the threads and decide for yourself what is good and useful or not. Most people are putting up entries and exits but you have no idea if they are simply sim trading or posting after the fact since the time stamp is so bad.
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  8. Some people here argue over the stupidest shit
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  9. Just like in trading, if you want the answers to your questions, you have to put in the screen time. After reading through hundreds of threads and thousands of posts over time, you get to know who is on point and who isnt. And, each poster resonates more or less with you depending on your personal views. I would say, offhand, I could probably name 8 or so people who I feel are very good and who have helped me. Some post often, others do not. Just search many topics that interest you here at ET and see which posters seem to be dispensing the best knowledge.
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