can someone start a POLL...who is the best trader or gives best trading insight at ET

Discussion in 'Trading' started by increasenow, Nov 14, 2007.

  1. that would be a great poll...someone who know them all...this would be great!!
  2. obviously you are in pain desperate for a profitable strategy

  3. the fact that you are too lazy to start the poll yourself which is quite easy to do may give some insight to personal trading skill and performance :D
  4. I will- if you give me the names.
  5. no, there are others that have been on this board longer than me...I just joined in Feb 2007...
  6. Just ask an open question for suggestions of the best trader or who gives best insight and you will get answers...

    Again, failure to problem solve here, might carry over into your trading.
  7. rather vague. General trading, market predictions, what?
  8. How about all the long gone snake oil sponsors. Where are you Timmay?:p
  9. Yea who are these people? I need to abandon my stategy and do what their doing since their so smart.
  10. pleasse,,,let us take this more seriously...thanks
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